10 scary films you need to watch this Halloween

Spooky season is fast approaching and in my opinion Halloween is just made for the ultimate movie night in. Finding a good horror movie these days can be hard though so I've done all the hard work for you (who am I kidding, it wasn't that hard because I love horror films) and come up with 10 scary films you really need to watch this Halloween. So grab your snacks, turn off the lights and be prepared to be scared!

Scary films you need to watch this Halloween


Released - 2012 | Run time - 109 minutes | Genre - supernatural horror
We went to the cinema to see Sinister when it was first released and that night in bed I was terrified! I should point out I have quite odd sleeping habits ranging from sleep paralysis to talking and walking and vivid dreams and nightmares but still! We've watched this film many times since its release and pretty much every time we do, I get sleep paralysis so it obviously does something to my mind! If you can get over the fact that the supernatural being has a terrible name, Mr Boogie, then I think this succeeds in being a genuinely creepy movie. There's something about the old film footage, the use of kids and a creepy attic that just makes this movie a hit. As I said we've watched it quite a lot now and I'm still not bored of it. We have watched Sinister 2 as well but only once and it doesn't really stick in my mind so that should tell that you only need to bother with the first one. Trust me it's far better than its sequel.

The Woman in Black

Released - 2012 | Run time - 95 minutes | Genre - supernatural horror
OK so 2012 was apparently a good year for horror films and this is another we saw at the cinema. The Woman in Black ditches all the horror tropes that modern audiences have become accustomed to and instead manages to chill its audience with an eerie atmosphere and great tension building. Considering it was produced by Hammer Film Productions it's no surprise that it went against all the blood and gore and instead went down the route of a classic gothic horror film. This is how horror films used to be so if you're after a classic ghost story this is definitely one to watch. Again it's a film we've seen many times but that doesn't seem to matter when a horror film is made well. 

The Conjuring 2

Released - 2016 | Run time - 134 minutes | Genre - supernatural horror
I seem to remember that we went to see the first Conjuring film in the cinema and we weren't that impressed. Due to that reason we skipped the second installment when it was released and instead came to it a few years later when we couldn't find anything else to watch. For us the second installment in The Conjuring franchise is far superior. It focuses on the Enfield poltergeist which is a case I find super interesting anyway and the film actually works well. It's a little predictable in places which is what you tend to find with franchises like this but I can easily overlook that because it's an enjoyable film that covers an interesting real-life case. 

The Cabin in the Woods

Released - 2012 | Run time - 95 minutes | Genre - horror comedy
We only watched this movie a year or so ago, again after flicking through Netflix and settling for this. We were pleasantly surprised by how good this turned out to be as we really didn't have high hopes. It's pretty bonkers but quite an interesting concept and the comedy aspect actually works really well in it. The balance between horror and comedy is just right, it's not too silly that it comes across as a spoof and the horror elements are well done and add a twist to the funnier moments. It cleverly uses the set up of five teens alone in the woods to create a slasher horror archetype with a twist. This is great for modern horror fans as all the conventions are there but the twists keep it interesting.

Get Out

Released - 2017 | Run time - 104 minutes | Genre - horror mystery
Get Out is like no other film we've ever seen, it's easy to see why it got such rave reviews and was nominated for a lot of awards. It's horror but in a totally unconventional way, you'll not find any ghosts, demons and masked murderers in this film. The true horror here is rich white people. It manages to be funny, scary and highly entertaining all while providing a cautionary tale of the out of whack relationships between black and white people that do still exist today. If you're after something completely different to any other film and aren't in to typical horrors this is one you definitely need to watch.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Released - 1974 (original) and 2003 (remake) | Run time - 83 minutes (original) 98 minutes (remake) | Genre - slasher
Sorry classic horror fans but I honestly couldn't decide whether to include the original movie or the remake here because I actually really like them both so you've got a little bonus here because I'm going to talk about both of them (so technically this is 11 scary films you need to watch!). I watched the remake many years ago and before I watched the original. While both movies have different plots they both feature the main character Leatherface who is based on the real-life murderer Ed Gein. Whilst the remake is set up more for modern audiences, as you'd expect, it still does a good job of sticking to the typical slasher genre, granted it's a little bit over the top in places and has quite a bonkers premise but I still think it's a good slasher film and a solid attempt at a remake.

As for the original, we've watched quite a few classic horrors and as we're more used to modern horror there are very few classic horrors that we find scary. Whilst we can appreciate a well made film and the fact that to audiences of the time it would have been scary they don't really tend to creep us out. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre however is utterly bizarre and still creepy to this day. It's the original slasher movie and it's aged well. If you're looking to try out some classic horror films, this is a good place to start.

Lake Mungo

Released - 2008 | Run time - 89 minutes | Genre - psychological horror
Lake Mungo may not be a film you've ever heard of due to its limited release. We're huge fans of Red Letter Media on YouTube and this is a film that's been mentioned quite a lot on there so we decided to give it a go. It's an Australian film that uses a mockumentary style which can be make or break for a film in my opinion. I'm usually not a huge fan of mockumentary or found footage films but for this film it works really well. It's a low budget film but it's so good and a genuine hidden gem, everything about it works so well. The story is interesting and engaging and the ending is excellent. It's certainly a film that deserves more exposure and I urge you to find a copy and give it a watch!

The Strangers

Released - 2008 | Run time - 85 minutes | Genre - slasher
Here's a film that'll make you double check all your windows and doors are locked! Playing on the fear that you aren't alone in your own home, this ramps it up a notch by being set in the middle of nowhere with the murderers sporting some creepy looking masks. Even though this film does fall into the slasher genre there's actually more focused on building suspense and tension over racking up the bodies and gore which is refreshing and allows for some genuinely creepy moments to come through. It's a quiet film in that there's not a lot of dialogue, The Strangers themselves hardly speak with only one or two lines between them and tensions between the two main characters begin quite strained but it works well. It's not a film that needs an overly fancy script or a lot of blood and gore, it works wonderfully as it is.


Released - 2016 | Run time - 81 minutes | Genre - slasher
From husband and wife horror super team Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel, Hush is a wonderfully different film that was released straight to Netflix and managed to gain favourable reviews from critics. With a small cast and very little dialogue owing to the fact the main character is a deaf mute this is a wonderfully creepy movie that relies on nothing more than amazing visual story telling. Due to there being very little dialogue the film instead uses fantastic sound effects that perfectly compliment what is happening on screen to keep the audience interested and further build suspense. It's a game of cat and mouse with a silent twist and it works amazingly well.


Released - 2009 | Run time - 123 minutes | Genre - psychological horror
I can guarantee that you'll have never seen a horror movie with a twist like this one. We've watched this movie quite a few times especially in the couple of years after its release but we haven't watched it in quite a while now so this may have to go on our Halloween watch list too. Orphan uses the horror trope of creepy kids and gives it a huge twist that makes it so different to any other horror film of this sort that I've seen. For fans of conventional horror films there's enough of the stuff you'd expect in this film to keep you happy but the twist stops it from being just another formulaic psycho-kid movie.

If you've seen any of these film let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below, be sure to leave your own scary movie recommendations too!

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