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Lighting a bedroom really does have the ability to create and influence your mood. A carefully planned lighting scheme is essential to a bedroom design that is both functional and relaxing. 

You will need to think about the different types of lighting required for dressing, reading and winding down before sleeping. This will mean strategically layering the light using ambient, accent and task lighting. 

If you find that you don’t use the main bedroom light very often, you may wish to think less practically and more decoratively when it comes to the design. You could consider a pretty chandelier or even a recycled cardboard lampshade for a warm, intimate and relaxing atmosphere. 

Flexible LED strip lights are ideal when lighting a bedroom, as they can be used to softly highlight or push focus towards a vanity area or a statement headboard. Light strips can also be connected to a remote control or an app, to allow you to change the colour and the brightness to match your mood. 

If you like to read in bed, or you prefer to use a bedside lamp instead of the main light when relaxing, then you will need to choose a suitable task light. This could be something practical like an Anglepoise desk lamp or something more decorative like the Foscarini Caboche table lamp.

If you have a small bedroom, you can save space with wall lights. Wall lights are great for adding soft, relaxing illumination to a room and they come in a wide variety of modern, quirky, classy and traditional designs. 

It is also important to consider practical lighting options when planning your bedroom’s scheme. This could include lighting wardrobe interiors, drawers and cabinets for added convenience when dressing, as well as an added sense of luxury.

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