Happy List: August 2019

What. A. Month! August has been amazing. There has been so much going on, lots of exciting adventures and news as well as the fact I had the whole month off work. There's certainly a lot to update you all on!

1. The biggest news has to be that we finally booked our wedding ceremony! For anyone who doesn't know we're getting married next August in our local registry office and for some strange reason they won't let you book your ceremony more than a year in advance. This caused a fair bit of stress as we had to start booking all our other wedding related things before the actual ceremony was booked. It's all done online so we stayed up until after midnight on the day when it was a year before the wedding and managed to book our perfect time! I'm so glad you stayed up because I checked the next morning and lots of times had already gone. I can't believe it's less than a year until we get married now!

2. We had a really amazing mini break this month where we packed so much in. Josh's gran lives down in Littlehampton (near Portsmouth) so we went down there to visit and we also squeezed in a trip to Brighton Pride too. After a weekend at Josh's grans we headed up to London for the night, Josh usually hates London but we had such an amazing trip that we've even talked about going back at Christmas!

3. One big reason our trip to London was so amazing was that we finally got to meet up with some friends, David and Ian. We've been talking for around a year now after subscribing to each others channels on YouTube and it was so great to finally meet up with them! If you love Disney I cannot recommend David and Ian's channel enough, they go on some amazing trips and their vlogs are hilarious.

4. We added some really cool new Funko Pop's to our already huge collection this month. Josh bought me the SDCC exclusive Carl and Ellie Pop's (which you can just about see in the first photo of our wedding countdown) then I bought myself the FYE exclusive Halloween Stitch. I just couldn't resist as I love Halloween and Stitch. We've also got some Funko Pop's on pre-order and some we ask David and Ian to pick up for us in America too so you'll see those over the next few months.

5. Just when it felt like autumn was on its way (I even stocked up on autumn wax melts, there'll be a full review of those in the future) summer came back for the bank holiday weekend. We had 5 gloriously hot days where I just sat outside reading for the whole day. We even managed to have a BBQ!

6. August also marked 3 years since we completed our little family with the addition of Buddy and Dobby. I can't believe they've been with us for 3 years now. They are the best decision we've ever made and I honestly don't know what I'd do without them.

7. It's been a whole year since we were in Florida this month so there's been lots of pictures on my Timehop to make me feel sad. It's looking like it'll be another 3 years before we're back in Florida for lots of reasons, it'll actually be our honeymoon, if you can even call it that seen as it'll be 2 years after the wedding! But we still have our Florida vlogs to look back on and our honeymoon will be the biggest Florida holiday to date too so that's exciting! I've started sharing some of our Florida photos too, I had too many to just let them sit on the computer so every Friday I'll be sharing a new photo diary, there's a lot so they'll be going on into next year but I hope you enjoy them.

Wow, I told you this was going to be a big update! September marks the start of my favourite time of year so I'm certainly excited for the remaining 4 months of the year (how crazy does that sound, this year has gone so fast). However it's also back to work for me so I don't imagine September's update will be quite as big as this one!

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