Discovery Cove Orlando: 2018 photos #1

We took a lot of beautiful photos on our 2018 Florida holiday that are just sat on the computer so I thought I'd share them with you so they can be seen in all their glory and appreciated by everyone! There are a lot of photos so there's going to be a fair few posts like this, I'm going to aim to do one a week until I'm out of photos to share! I'll be doing one park at a time and today I've moved on to Discovery Cove. Hope you enjoy this series.

It was our first time at Discovery Cove but after hearing so many good things about it we knew we had to book tickets. It looked like our perfect day and it turned out to be exactly that. We booked our day with a dolphin swim though you can't take photos or anything when you're doing that experience but it was everything I'd ever imagined it would be and more. Discovery Cove limit the number of people allowed in which gives guests a more intimate and relaxing experience. Also once you've paid for your tickets, food drinks and snacks are all included in the price so it turns into an all-inclusive experience. We went on a Saturday and the park felt so calm and not at all crowded. It was an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish and was truly a day spent in paradise. 

The park has several aviaries that you can walk around and collect food to feed the birds. Some of the birds may land on you and take food from the pot in your hand, they're all gentle but I know this might put some people off. You don't have to go in the aviaries and you don't have to have food, the chances of them landing on you if you aren't carrying food for them are extremely low. I quite liked the birds landing on me but I did end up with a fair few scratches on my hand and arm! Some of the waterways flow through the aviaries too and it's nice just to float by watching the birds.

After the business of the theme parks, Discovery Cove is the perfect way to relax. We did it right in the middle of our holiday which was a great choice. We arrived at the park for opening and grabbed some breakfast before heading to our dolphin swim (you're allocated a time for that when you arrive). We then spent the day exploring, swimming and lounging in the pool with numerous cocktails and beers.

As well as the waterways flowing through the aviaries there are also a number of other animals you can experience whilst relaxing in the water. There an otter section which a loved, this can accessed in the water and on the walkway and there's a marmoset island which can only be viewed from the water. Oh and not forgetting the Grand Reef where you can snorkel with tropical fish (the water in the reef is very cold though!).
I loved Discovery Cove so much, it's such a beautiful park and very relaxing which is just what you need inbetween doing the Disney and Universal parks. We'll definitely go back to Discovery Cove on our next Florida holiday. 

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary of Discovery Cove, I have a second part coming next week because we just have so many pretty photos from there. I have posts coming up from all 6 Disney World parks as well as Universal Resort's 3 parks, Disney Springs and Discovery Cove. We vlogged our whole Florida 2018 holiday so I highly recommend checking those videos out too.

Have you been to Discovery Cove? What did you think to it? Let me know in the comments!

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