Autumn 2019

The annual autumn post is back! I honestly love doing these posts so much. I've actually been able to throw a few of my own autumnal photos into the mix this year too which I'm really pleased with so this years moodboards are a mix of Pinterest images and my own images. 

I just love the coziness that autumn envokes and as soon as the first day of autumn rolls around I get so excited. October November and December are my absolute favourite months and there's just so much to look forward to!

Dark nights

I may be in the minority here but I love dark evenings. There's something so cosy about the nights drawing in and coming home after work to a warm house and fluffy pjs. Wrapping up in blankets and getting super cosy is just my thing. Dark mornings are a different story as I can't say I'm a fan of those but I can't wait for it to get dark early!


I bloody love Halloween. I'm a massive fan of scary films anyway but I love planning a good Halloween night in, with snacks and films and all of our Halloween decorations out. I actually meant to publish a post about our Halloween home decor last year but I ended up being quite poorly around Halloween so I didn't get chance to, you can see some of our decoration in the first photo in the middle row above though and I will be sorting the big home decor post out for next month!


I could have stuck this in with Halloween but I feel like pumpkin carving deserves its own little spot light! Josh usually has creative control of the pumpkins and last year we decided to add one outside of our house and it looked amazing. That spewing pumpkin in the middle row of photos above? Yep that's ours, I think Josh did a great job of recreating it and we'll definitely be decorating the front of our house with a pumpkin or two again this year! We also managed to get our cat, Buddy, to pose perfectly with the pumpkins last year (bottom row, middle photo) and he looked so cute wearing his Halloween bandanna so I hope we can get more cute photos this year.  

Autumn Dressing 

I definitely prefer autumn dressing to summer dressing. Give me cute coats, cosy knitwear and boots any day. I recently treated myself to a lovey camel coloured coat and my first ever pair of leather boots (am I a real adult now for purchasing proper shoes?!) so hopefully I can finally stop moaning that my cheap Primark boots let water in. I can't wait to wear my new autumn purchases, I just need a couple of cute jumpers now.

Blogging and vlogging

Last autumn I started making my first tiny bit of money from my blog after 7 years of blogging. I'm now in my 8th year of blogging and paid blog work has picked up a bit more, I'm honestly so grateful to have this work on the side and I can't wait to continue my blogging journey and I'm super excited to see where it takes me. I've a lot of autumnal post ideas and I'm currently creating my list for December's blog posts as although I not commit to a full on 'blogmas' I do like to post more often in December. Last autumn was also when we started vlogging almost daily, we are now uploading daily and we've been going for over 200 days straight now so this autumn we should capture everything that I love about this time of year. 

All the food

I mean autumn food is the best food right? Pure warmth and comfort! I can't wait to whip up a few batches of our wonderful parkin and I'm hoping to discover some new slow cooker recipes too because slow cooker food is so hearty and warming plus there's nothing better than coming home from work and food being ready!


Reading has been really up and down for me this year. There's been times where I've raced through books and times where I've not read for weeks at a time. Autumn is the perfect time to cosy up with a good books though and I have a fair few scary stories and thrillers to work through which are just perfect for this time of year.

Feeling positive

Autumn always puts me in a happy mood anyway but last year was a particularly bad year for me and life took another big downturn in autumn. Life is so much different just a year late though and its got me feeling super positive for the future.

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