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There are lots of ways to create a feature in a room, from brightly coloured walls to bold wallpaper and distinctive furniture, but have you ever considered creating a feauture with your flooring? It really couldn't be easier with parquet flooring

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What is parquet flooring?

Basically it's wooden flooring arranged in a geomatric pattern. Parquet flooring can be made from engineered or solid wood and comes in a variety of shades. Just some of the patterns available for parquet flooring are herringbone, versailles, chevron and basket and brick weave.

Why choose parquet?

The beautiful geometric designs of parquet flooring add something a little different to a room. While any wooden flooring generally looks beautiful, parquet flooring makes a real feature in a room thanks to the pattern it creates. It's just as easy to look after as any other wooden flooring and with good care it will look great for years to come. You don't have to worry about maintenance if you have children or pets either as it can easily be wiped clean, swept, vacuumed and mopped and still look great. Most of Flooring365's parquet products come with a 3mm wear layer as well meaning the flooring can be sanded down up to 3 times if necessary meaning your fabulous feature flooring will always look it's best! It means your bold feature flooring will really stand the test of time. 

Parquet flooring looks great in any room so if you're looking to make a statement in the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen the parquet flooring is definitely the way to go. It's also available in wide range of shades from the light and airy to the dark and bold so there's something to match any mood and colour scheme. If you're looking to change a room without a full on makeover then parquet flooring can really transform the look of a room and give you a beautiful statement floor. 

Will having a feature floor cost more money?

No! There are ranges of parquet flooring out there to suit any budget. With prices starting at £17 per m² and going up to £70 per m² it's definitely an option even if you're on a small budget. Many of the flooring options come with the click lock system too meaning they're super easy to install and may even save you on having to pay someone to fit the flooring for you. 

If you're wanting wooden flooring but you're after something a bit different then you really can't go wrong with parquet flooring, easy to maintain, easy to clean, budget friendly and creates a wonderful feature in any room. What more could you want?

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