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When travelling a key thing for me is being comfortable, I'm not someone who can sit around in jeans and I couldn't imagine anything worse than being a flight and being uncomfortable. Whether your travelling for 4 hours or 14 hours, here's how to do it in comfort and still looked good!

how to travel in style and comfort

Layer up

Having layered options when travelling really is an essential. You have to think about where you're travelling to and from and the fact that planes can get quite cool. Make sure you have layers that can easily be removed or pulled out of your hand luggage if you need them. If you're travelling to a hot country you're not going to want to wrapped up when you step off the plane so think about light items that will easily layer up and won't take up too much space should you need to put them in your hand luggage. A good place to start would be with a soft but lightweight cardigan for women or a casual but stylish shirt jacket for men. These can also be used if you're travelling from somewhere hot to somewhere cooler. If you've just spent two weeks basking in the sun, chances are you're going to feel cool when you step off the plane back home so having something to hand to take off the chill will help.

Soft and loose clothing

No one wants to be stuck on a plane wearing clothes that dig into them or start to feel scratchy. This is where you need to find the softest clothing you can and either go for a loose fitting style or size up to get a bit of oversized comfort. Recommendations for women would be jogger bottoms and a cotton t-shirt, opt for trousers with a bit of pattern and a plain tee to help look pulled together and smart while feeling like you're just relaxing at home! For men the ultimate comfort outfit has to be a tracksuit, you can buy cheap mens tracksuits from justyouroutfit. Opt for a slim or skinny leg style to keep the look stylish whilst still been comfortable on a long journey.

Don't forget the shoes

Footwear might not be the first thing you think of but your best bet for comfort and style and to save room in your case is trainers. Trainers can be quite bulky so by wearing them for travelling instead of packing them you're saving room in your case. Also they'll be the kindest form of footwear on your feet, you may not be thinking about walking when you're going to be sat on a plane for hours but you'll still have walking to do in the airports as well as waiting around for passport control and your luggage. The last thing you want when you're waiting around in a busy airport is for your shoes to be rubbing!


And finally think about any extras you can slip into your hand luggage that'll make travelling a little more comfortable. If you like to kick back and relax on a long haul flight try packing a travel pillow and some fluffy socks you can pop on. An eye mask may be a good shout too if you're wanting to try and get a bit of rest whilst travelling. A small hairbrush and some hair bobbles or a hat you can pop on once you're out of the airport may be a good option too especially if you've been traveling for a long time.

Hopefully these tips will help you to look stylish but feel comfortable to next time you're travelling. What is your go to travel outfit? Let me know in the comments.

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