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Navigating the world of love and relationships can be tricky. We all know it doesn't always run smoothly and that's just part of life but how can you find your way around that tricky world and protect your mental health? Let's take a look!

Love yourself first

I know this is easier said than done but working on building a positive relationship with yourself first will help you go through the dating world much easier and will have a more positive effect on your mental health in the long run. Becoming happy and comfortable with yourself rather than relying on someone else for happiness will lead to a healthier outlook on relationships. It might be cheesy but in the words of RuPaul "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?' So before you jump on your next dating site take some time to date yourself for a while and I promise you that your future relationships will be better for it!

Know what you want

If you're feeling lost and confused about the world of dating, it's going to show. Know what it is you're wanting at that moment in your life then go and find it! Wasting time on relationships you don't want is only going to have a negative effect on your mental health.

There are many ways to find love

Putting yourself out there is hard but there are so many ways to find love now that it doesn't have to be scary. Of course you can opt for the traditional way of just getting out there and meeting someone but don't worry if you couldn't think of anything worse than that because, lets be real, who does that these days? You can also give apps or sites such as WeLoveDates a go. Online dating has become the norm now and if you're not that confident it could be the perfect solution for finding love. Just make sure that what you're signing up to is reputable!

Don't use a relationship to try and find happiness

We all want to be in a happy relationship, and everyone's time does come but don't jump into a relationship thinking it will automatically bring you happiness. Being in a relationship cannot make you happier and more confident if it's the wrong kind of relationship. Don't rely on someone else to give you a boost because that will only ever be a temporary feeling if you're not already happy and confident in yourself. 

Enjoy the journey

Everyone's path to finding love is different. Realising that your journey doesn't have to look like someone else's is a big step in maintaining a positive outlook and keeping both the search for love and your happiness in balance. Enjoy where it takes you and don't dwell on the negative experiences because they really aren't worth your time. Finding love should be a fun and exciting time so see it as just that and you never know where it might take you!

Hopefully these tips will help you find your way through the world of love and relationships whilst helping you maintain a positive outlook. The important things to remember when it comes to making love and mental health go together is that your happiness does not depend on your relationship status, when love happens it's the best feeling in the world but enjoy the journey to that place too.

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