Happy List: July 2019

July was a great month! Not only did I finish work for a long summer break but it was my birthday. I wasn't quite as organised with getting this blog on track though. I'll be honest finding the time to blog on two blogs and work is hard, especially as Josh also works from home and we only have one laptop to share and his business comes over my blogging so it's a real juggling act at the moment!

1. Things are going well over on my second blog, The Thrifty Bride and I'm really proud of all of this months articles, much like over here though it's all about finding the time to actually blog. A lot of the articles over their tend to be big pieces that take up a lot of time and even though I love them I could just do with a few more hours in my day. Any way it'd be really great if you could check out The Thrifty Bride.

2. I managed to buy quite a few really good things this month, I picked up the bride flip flops from Primark ready for next summer (I've no doubt if they release a design next year that I'll buy them too though). I also got the cutest Stitch mug from the Disney Store and some fantastic makeup from Primark!

3. The biggest thing I bought this month though was my wedding ring! I absolutely had no intention of buying a ring just yet but I'd seen one on the H.Samuel website and decided just to call in the store to see it in real life, after seeing how well it went with my engagement ring, I just had to have it! A year to go until I can wear it!

4. I took part in the 5k Bubble Rush run to raise money for Barnsley Hospice, it was so much fun! We're hoping the event is on again next year as it should be just before the wedding so I can get kitted out in a tutu and veil for it!

5. I turned 28 this month and honestly if this is the start to my 28th year then it's going to be pretty great! I'm so excited for what's to come. I was super lucky to get some lovely presents but one of my favourites was the Disney bride-to-be pjs. I'm going to be living in them for the next year.

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