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Blog themes can get expensive and I'm a firm believer that you don't need to spend a lot of money to make your blog look good, I really don't think it's an area you need to pump a lot of money into. In fact I honestly wouldn't spend more than £10 on a theme now. So today I'm going to share where I think is the best place to purchase cheap blog themes from.

how to get a cheap theme for your blog

Before we continue, this is in no way an add. The store I'm about to recommend is the one I have used to purchase my theme on here and my theme on my wedding blog. I honestly just think they're great and I figured other people might want to know about them.

Creative Market

After the Pipdig theme scandal earlier this year I was left needing a blog theme and having no spare money to buy one. I paid around £25 for my Pipdig theme and I was never 100% happy with it. Whilst searching for a theme I noticed Creative Market kept getting mentioned so decided it was probably a place I should check out. Creative Market is basically market place for all things design related and there are a whole host of blog themes on there for both Blogger and Wordpress by creative individuals or companies. After searching around I came across I company who's designs I loved so much that I struggled to pick which theme to go for! When I decided to set up my second blog, The Thrifty Bride, I knew immediately where I'd be heading to look for a theme and I actually purchased the theme for that blog from the same company on Creative Market. The company I've used only does Blogger themes though.

So who do I use?

Best Themes & Templates are my go to! All of there themes are only $5 (around £4) but they are only for Blogger. They're simple, clean and so riduculously easy to install with all the features I want and need out of my theme. There's online instructions for everything you could ever need to know from basic installation to customisation and install the extra's like an Instagram feed. I haven't had any problems with installing either of the themes I have and find the instructions really helpful and easy to follow. They all beautifully convert to mobile without any extra fuss and I've honestly found them to be much better than the £25 theme I had. 

But what about WordPress?

Worry not WordPress users, Creative Market has a great selection of themes for you too. Whilst I have found the WordPress themes to be a little more expensive than the Blogger ones, there's still some really good bargains. If you use the filters down the side of Creative Market after searching for 'WordPress theme' then there's a massive 247 results for themes at $15 and under and a further 253 results for themes priced between $16-$20 so it's still very much possible to get a beautiful WordPress theme for around £15!

Honestly, if you're looking for a new theme I really can't recommend using Creative Market enough and more specifically using Best Themes and Templates if you're in need of a Blogger theme.

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