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I do love a good wax melt haul especially when I know they're going to smell amazing. I've mentioned before that I'm a brand rep for Emily Make Boutique, that means I'm sent a small package each month to review over on Instagram, I'm never expected to mention anything on my blog but sometimes I like to share my hauls and new products on here because I genuinely thing EMB is the best wax melt company out there. Everything in this haul was bought out of my own money as I do buy products from EMB as well as receiving brand rep packages because I love the products. If you are planning on making an order from EMB then pop my code 'Laureny.c' in the notes at checkout to receive a freebie with your order.

I thought I'd share my haul with you today and then introduce you to a brand new release, the Crystal Collection. I've had a list of things to buy for a while but I was waiting for the Crystal Collection to be released before making an order.

Shot Pots

I love the shot pots from EMB as they're only £2.95 for 2oz of wax and because they're so strongly scented you very often only need to use one quarter of a pot at a time which makes these amazing value! I decided to buy scents I'd never bought before as it's good to have something different (all but one of these scents I've been able to try as a brand rep though which is why they were on my list as I knew how great they smell). Going from the top and working down left to right I picked up Pina Colada as it's my favourite cocktail and I just love the scent of pineapple and coconut together it's just perfect for summer, Spirit which is a rosey perfume inspired scent that I fell in love with in last months brand rep package, Twilight which is inspired by a popular range at bath bomb store it's one of my favourite scents of all time so I decided to pick up the wax melt, even though it smells quite subtle I think it will be perfect for the bedroom, Cafe Au Lait as I just love the smell of coffee and this is a great one for in the kitchen, Watermelon Magarita which is another fresh scent that's perfect for summer and finally Dove which is inspired by the soap and is easily one of my favourite EMB scents after trying it as a brand rep a few months back, it's super strong, extremely long lasting and smells so clean and powdery which is my favourite kind of scent. 

Crystal Collection

Months back Emily came to the brand reps with an idea for a new product, combining crystals with her lovely shot pot wax melts. Emily is a big believer in the power of crystals and wanted to create product using them. She wanted to make sure the scents and the crystals worked perfectly together though so after much testing she came back to the reps with five ideas that she believed were some of the most important things in life; Happiness, Energy, Love, Dream and Relax were born and we were sent wax samples of the five scents to trial and feedback on whether the scent and appearance fit well with the name. They were all amazing and I was super excited for the release! Because Emily puts everything into making sure all her products are perfect I had to wait a little while for the Crystal Collection to be released but it's here now and it's perfect. 

Nestled in each of the whipped wax pots is a crystal that much the appearance and scent of the pot, the two stand out scents from the collection for me are Energy (the white one) and Love (the pink one) so that's what I ordered. Energy is packed with orange and grapefruit scents which are balanced out with a sweet powdery base, it comes with a clear quartz crystal which is meant to be the master healer perfect for any condition and amplifying energy. Love has an amazing musky base layered with lavender and ylang ylang to create an incredibly strong and long lasting scent, this one definitely shares the number one spot alongside Dove for me. It comes with a rose quartz crystal used of self love and unconditional love.

I know the whole crystal thing isn't everyone's cup of tea but I'm pretty open minded about anything like that plus I really like the scents of the two Crystal Collection pots I've bought so if nothing else at least they're lovely scents. As you get a crystal in these pots they are priced slightly higher than the other shot pots at £4.50. 

If you're after some super strong and long lasting scents for your home then I can't recommend EMB enough and don't forget use my code 'Laureny.c' in the notes at checkout to receive a freebie with your order.

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