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It’s always a good idea to have a budget. Budgets give you a little bit of financial structure, so you don’t go overboard and spend money on lots of crazy things. If you’re looking for some advice on how you can create a better budget, then here are a few tips you definitely need to know.

Add up your regular outgoings

We’re all a little bit different, which means we all have different outgoings. One month you might spend lots of money on clothes, then the next month you might spend less. So, you can’t really account for some of your more erratic expenses. But, you can add up all your regular outgoings. Think about all the things that stay the same each month; rent, energy bills, phone contracts, etc. Add up all your regular outgoings, and this lets you see how much money you need to have each month to cover them. From here, you can start factoring in other spending money for less essential items!

Buy your next family car on finance

Car financing is a great way to help budget your money a little bit better. Instead of paying lots of cash all in one go, you can split the payments over an agreed upon term. As a result, you know how much money you’ll pay towards your car every month, and you can budget accordingly. These days, you even have companies like Saxon Bridge that let you apply for financing online. So, it’s easy for you to get, and you stop yourself from spending loads of money in one go, making it easier for you to plan your budget. 

Avoid brands where possible

The next time you go to a food shop, avoid buying branded products. They’re far too expensive, and you can usually get store-branded ones for a fraction of the price. The same goes for clothes; a brand logo adds an extra 50% to the price of a plain t-shirt! If you want to get good at budgeting, then you can’t fall for the brand trap; avoid them, and you will save a fortune. 

Be flexible

My final budgeting tip is to be flexible. Yes, it’s good to have a relatively strict budget that you can stick to. However, don’t force yourself to live off scraps just to please your budget! Appreciate that some months will be different from others. As such, you may need to adapt your budget to accommodate more costs in one month, but you can then change it to save more money the next month. Have a little bit of flexibility if you want to be financially stable without restricting yourself too much. 

Essentially, budgeting is all about saving money and being smart with how you spend it. It’s a smart idea to avoid splashing lots of cash in one go, which is why it helps to spread the cost of expensive items over an extended period. Along with this, you need to accommodate all your regular expenses and save money on things that you buy all the time - like food. With these tips, you’ll nail budgeting and keep your family finances afloat!

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