Summer 2019 bucket list

Last June I created a summer 2018 bucket list in the hopes I'd do lots of fun, summery things that I always talked about but never got around to doing. Unfortunately last summer took a turn for the worse a few days after I published that post and we ended up going through a really difficult time meaning I didn't end up ticking anything off the list. So this year the list in back pretty much in its same form and with a couple of new additions in the hopes that not only can I tick things off but that this summer is much better. Now all I need is for the weather to pick up because last summer was glorious and this year I'm sick of seeing the rain!

Have a BBQ

We got a brand new BBQ last year and never used it, we've only ever had one BBQ whilst living together and we've been in this house almost 3 years now. So this year I'm determined to have a really nice BBQ at the end of a lovely day.

Make sangria

To go alongside our BBQ I want to make some sangria. It's a drink that always reminds me of our first holiday abroad together and I'd love to have a go at mixing up our own and sipping on sangria whilst we're sat out in the garden.

Have a picnic

When Josh and I were at uni we'd often pack up a picnic and go off somewhere, because we had no outdoor space it was nice to get out when the weather was nice. It's something we've not done since we left uni 6 years ago! So this summer I want to pack up lots of yummy food and go and have a picnic somewhere.

Local walks

This is actually something we managed to partly achieve last summer and we went on two long walks that were really fun. I'd like to do more walking this summer and discover some new routes. It's always nice to get out of the house and have a good walk and now Josh works from home it'll make a good break for him too.

Go to a food festival

A local farm holds a big food festival every summer and for years I've been saying I want to go to it but either through forgetting or being on holiday when it's on we've never made it there. So fingers crossed the weather is good this year when it's on because I'm determined to make it to the food festival this year.

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