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Self Care is the latest wellness trend, and it’s one that works. Taking care of yourself and taking time out to take care of number one can be one of the most worthwhile things you can do. Some believe that the trick to taking care of yourself could lie in astrology. But what self care do the different star signs need?


Aries is a competitive sign, so give yourself a challenge and try a new exercise class. Getting your heart rate up will soon have you smiling again. 


Taurus is ruled by Venus, so looking good matters. It might seem obvious, but give yourself a cheering boost with little pampering. Get made up, spray on your favourite perfume and put on an outfit that makes you feel confident. 


Geminis are naturally emotional, and bottling those emotions up won’t help you. Instead, find someone you trust to talk to and get those feelings out into the open. 


Cancers aren’t known for showing their feelings, but a little vulnerability isn’t always a bad thing. Choose your favourite person to unwind with, build a blanket nest and spend the day in a safe space until you feel you can talk about whatever is bothering you. 


Leo’s are always on the go, which can lead to feeling over-tired. Remember you’re allowed a break. Have a lie-in or a long afternoon nap and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and a lot more positive. 


Organised Virgos can be better at making time for self-care than other signs, but don’t over plan. Instead, appeal to inner neat freak with a day spent decluttering. Letting go of junk will make your life feel lighter. 


Libras love a plan. Make time for self care by booking a date with yourself. Block some time in your calendar for a day of looking after yourself. Exercise, get a massage, or just relax with a book. 


The Scorpio is often deep and can struggle with the emotions. The best therapy? A professional. Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong, but the often raw Scorpio will benefit from talking through how they feel with a licensed therapist. 


You’re all about the new and exciting, so keep it fresh with your self care. Take a road trip somewhere new, or join a class to learn a new skill. Whatever it is, it’ll make you smile as long as you’ve never done it before. 


The true Capricorn works hard, and you need an excuse to take a break. Build time off into your plans, even if it’s only a spare half an hour here and there to paint your nails. 


Aquarians don’t like to be alone. Plan a fun group activity instead of choosing one of the more solitary traditional self-care activities. Choose a go-karting trip, book a cocktail making class or something else fun you can enjoy with a crowd. 


The calm Pisces needs some alone time to wind down. Book a spa day or hole up at home for some much needed peace and quiet.

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