Make My Blinds Review (AD - Gifted)

We've wanted new blinds in our house since moving in, the blinds we have are the ones that were left here when we bought the house and quite honestly, they're awful. They're cheap looking and don't really go with what we've done in the house so far but replacing them just became something we never got around to and three years after moving in we're still stuck with the same horrible blinds. When Make My Blinds got in touch and offered me the chance of receiving two new blinds in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance!

We decided to replace the living room blind (as we obviously spend every evening in there) and the spare bedroom blind. The spare bedroom is actually an office, Josh work from home and at the weekend I spend a lot of time in there working on my blog so it made sense to have something nicer in that room too. We decided on the same blind for both rooms as it fits really well with the decoration in both of the rooms plus they're both at the front of the house so the consistency looks nice from the outside too. We went for the Golden Pecan wooden blinds.

Ordering was super easy, we took recess measurements according to the instructions on the website which were super clear and easy to follow as there were also quick videos to show you what to do so it only took us a couple of minutes to measure both windows. We actually looked at measuring for blinds about a year ago and Josh commented how the instructions on Make My Blinds were much easier to follow than anything we've come across before. About a week after ordering the blinds turned up, again they came with clear, detailed yet easy to follow instructions on how to install the blinds. This is where I had to bow out, DIY is not my thing at all, I have the vision and Josh brings it to life! So Josh installed the blinds, he's pretty handy but obviously we've never put blinds up before, Josh did say it was really easy though, he said the clear instructions made it much easier and it didn't take him long to install both blinds.

Living Room (before)

As I said the blinds all came with the house when we bought it. The blind in the living room was a cream aluminium Venetian blind which is probably the best one out of all of them in the house but it still wasn't the best, I prefer a warm, homely look in a living room and aluminium doesn't really fit with that feel! The valance strip at the top that covers the mechanics of the blind was also broke (it was propped up against the wall when we moved in which was a good start).

Living Room (after)

The new Golden Pecan wooden blind is a much better fit for the decor of our living room, we have a wooden floor and some wooden furniture and the blind perfectly complements all of that. I really couldn't be happier with how well it goes with our decor and how much better it looks, plus it makes a nice change after 3 years with a broken blind in this room!

Office (before)

O.K. this one is a big contender for the worst blind ever (with the exception of the fuschia pink beauty in the downstairs bathroom...I really should take that down). As you can see it's a dark purple roller blind that's frayed around the edges and covered in marks. Attractive. As it's a rollerblind on light or sunny days we also had no choice but to close the blinds fully as our desk is right in front of the window which meant we were working looking at the horrible blind. Not the best working environment at all.

Office (after)

I can't tell you how much this room has been transformed, again the blind perfectly compliments our wooden desk and shelves but it's made such a difference to the feel of the room. It feels so much lighter and like it's really opened up and it feels a much nicer working environment too as we can block out the bright light without blocking out the world. I keep popping into the room just to look at it because I can't believe how much different it looks.

Overall I'm super impressed with our new blinds from Make My Blinds, it couldn't have been an easier process from measuring to fitting and the blinds themselves look so good and are really nice quality. Price wise I actually think they're very reasonable as well, certainly one of the best we've looked at. I'm always honest when it comes to things like this but we honestly love the blinds, so much so that we're looking into buying some for our bedroom and the upstairs bathroom because we're that impressed! 

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