Happy List: May 2019

May turned out to be packed with fun things, days out, family time and a little mini-break for Josh and I. I'll be honest the only thing that's let me down is the weather. Where is the absolutely gorgeous weather we had this time last year?! Come on summer!

1. The first bank holiday of the month was spent having a really fun time with family. We had a beer festival planned with my mum but then changed that for a little day drinking session in Sheffield which was super fun. We stayed over at my mum's so we could all get up the next day and head to York for the day. It's one of our favourite places so it was nice to go for the day, have a stroll around and enjoy a hog roast at the end of the day!

2. We booked our wedding car this month! I forgot to include a photo of it but it's a cream Cabriolet Beetle called Daisy and I'll be doing a full blog post on it some time in the near future. I'm so excited to have this as our wedding car though as I was adamant I didn't want a traditional car and this one fits in so well with our wedding.

3. Josh and I got to spend some lovely quality time with our niece this month when we headed to a Medieval fair. We've known for a little while that we'll be an auntie and uncle again in October but we also found out this month that we'll be getting a nephew! We have two nieces already so it'll be nice buying Disney clothes for a little boy instead!

4. We organised a super fun summer trip and got things booked for it this month and I'm so excited. We didn't have any summer plans and with working in a school I get a long time off over summer so it's nice to have something to look forwards to now. We're heading down to Littlehampton to visit Josh's gran then we're having a day in Brighton for Pride and then Josh and I are heading up to London for one night to meet up with some lovely friends we've got to know through vlogging. It's going to be a jam packed, exciting few days but I can't say as I'm looking forwards to the 5 hour car journey down to Littlehampton!

5. At the end of the month Josh and I headed to our favourite ever city, Liverpool. We try and squeeze a trip to Liverpool every year because we just absolutely love it. Last year we were lucky enough to go to two amazing concerts in Liverpool, first Paul McCartney live at The Cavern then Paul McCartney at the Echo Arena when we also got engaged! However we never stayed over so we enjoyed two nights away full of fun things, the trip was actually something I organised for Josh's 30th back in March so we did lots of really exciting things on this trip including a tour around John Lennon and Paul McCartney's childhood homes which is something we've never done and it was absolutely amazing. I'll be writing a full review on the tour soon.  

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