A new wedding blog for budget brides

As some of you may know I'm getting married next year and we're having a very small budget, non-traditional wedding. A short while ago I began blogging about wedding things on here and found it was something I really loved talking about, not just my own wedding but hints and tips, inspiration and a real honest look at wedding planning and how expensive it can all be. Whilst weddings are something I still really want to talk about, I don't want it to take over this blog so I've took the plunge and set up a brand new wedding blog.

The Thrifty Bride is may place to talk about all things wedding related, I'll be sharing lots of posts from my own wedding planning, DIY's and eventually the actual day itself but I'll be also sharing lots of hints, tips and advice and discussing anything related to weddings. I've got lots of ideas for the future of The Thrifty Bride so it'd be great if you could follow along with my new project. The Thrifty Bride was set up to show people on a small budget what can be achieved. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to throw thousands of pounds at one day and I want to help other small budget brides have their perfect wedding.

The Thrifty Bride is only a couple of weeks old but there's quite a few posts on there to get you started and new content is added 2-3 times every week. I'll still be sharing some little personal wedding bits over here but just not as often so all things wedding related will be found on my new blog. So if you're getting married or know someone who is then please check out/recommend my new blog. Your support is very much appreciated! 

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