Why you should delete your wedding Pinterest board

When I first started wedding planning I was hating every second, just looking at anything to do with weddings left me feeling stressed. I often found myself thinking 'surely planning one of the happiest days of mine and Josh’s lives shouldn’t feel like this?' But then I took a big step back and made some readjustments to my thinking and went from dreading the wedding to enjoying every second of planning. So how did I do it? Well it was fairly easy actually; I deleted most of my Pinterest wedding board. Here’s why it was the best thing ever and why you should do it too! 

The wedding I thought I wanted

When we got engaged in December 2018 I thought I had a firm idea of what I wanted my wedding to be like, us women often do. I’d been with Josh 11 years at that point and I had a Pinterest board filled with ideas from a gin bar to teepee weddings, cosy barns and big country houses then everything in between. In my head I had just as many different ideas as I did pins on my Pinterest board, but the truth is very few of the ideas and images were truly me. 

It’s so easy to get swept up in the idea of a fairytale wedding. I’d had my wedding Pinterest board just as long as I’d had my account and I’d filled it with ideas of what most people imagine when they think of a wedding, I’d got everything from long flowing dresses with intricate beading and lace, Prosecco and gin bars, blankets and flip flops for guests, traditional classic cars, live bands in teepees, intricate welcome signs and orders of the day. In short I was pinning the wedding I thought I wanted not the one I actually wanted.

The more I looked at the board and the more images I pinned the worse I felt about planning my wedding. I’d seen how much weddings cost around me in nice halls and houses and Josh and I had already discussed that neither of us was comfortable with spending that sort of money on a wedding. To get the sort of wedding I was pinning would have cost at the lower end around £15,000. But I also felt angry at myself, I didn’t need or want to spend that sort of money to marry my best friend, I just wanted to be married plain and simple and I’d do it in the middle of a dumpsite if I had to because that way I’d be married to the one person I’ve loved for all of my adult life. And that’s when it clicked, I was creating a wedding in my mind and on my screen that I didn’t want and it was taking all the fun out of it so I deleted pretty much every single pin on my wedding board and it felt so bloody good. 

Who actually needs flip flops anyway?!

Gone were the cute baskets with flip flops ‘for your dancing feet’ and the blankets ‘to have and to hold when you get cold’, teepees gone, barns gone, brides surrounded by a football teams worth of bridesmaids gone. I was left with about 50 pins from around 300. What was left was what truly represented us as a couple and fit with our idea of a relaxed, non-traditional wedding perfectly. Since my cull the board has started to fill back up but now I have a firm idea of what I want from the day, only a select few pins make the board. Basically I got rid of every overdone, materialistic trend that no one actually cares about anyway and started focusing on the love and fun that I really want the wedding to be about.

It was so liberating deleting everything that was making me unhappy and since that day I’ve enjoyed every second of wedding planning. It so easy to get wrapped up in an idea and feel like you’re not doing things properly because of what you see on social media but don’t lose track of the fact that it’s your day and you should do exactly what you want! I see so many people saying wedding planning is stressful and it honestly shouldn’t be like that, it should be a fun process that you can treasure and make memories from. If wedding planning is getting you down and social media is a big part of your planning, I seriously urge you to do a cleanse ASAP. Anything that makes you unhappy should go straight away, only keep the things that genuinely inspire you and that you want to incorporate into your day? Does it matter that you haven’t got any of the big social media wedding trends planned into your day? No it absolutely does not and it doesn’t make it any less of a wedding for doing things your way. 

If it isn’t bringing you joy, I highly recommend staying away from Pinterest then returning and carrying out a massive cleanse, I promise you’ll feel so much better after. Don’t get caught up in what you think you should be doing, focus on what it is you actually want to do and that way wedding planning should go from a chore to a fun activity.

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