The start of wedding planning

Since I spoke about my fear of wedding planning, a lot has changed and we've actually started booking things! It's still nerve wrecking but it's also incredibly exciting, a lot has changed since I wrote the post about wedding planning terrifying me all of which have massively helped me find enjoyment in planning, I'll be talking about a few of these thing sin future posts but basically we've just come to the conclusion that we're going to do our wedding the way we want it!

So we actually have a date for the wedding! I'll be honest date wise we were pretty flexible on, we wanted a summer wedding but there aren't any dates in that season that have a particularly special meaning to us so we kind of just picked one at random. We've also brought the wedding forward a year on what we were initially thinking, this is for many reasons but we're only having a small wedding and it seemed pointless dragging out the planning up until 2021 when it wasn't necessary. Also Josh and I lost three grandparents between us last year, without being overly morbid we want to try and make sure all the people we want at our wedding can be there. That does mean I can officially say that I'm getting married next year now!

We've decided on a registry office ceremony in our town which bizarrely can't be booked more than a year in advance which means we have a few months to wait before we can book that. Because anything to do with weddings, especially summer ones gets booked up super quick though we've had to start making other bookings. Basically I'm going to be a nervous wreck up until the ceremony is booked, we've got no doubts about getting our date it's just the time we'd most like that we might not get. I'm just going to have to except that and be happy with it because there's nothing I can do to change it. Especially seen as pretty much every other element of the wedding is booked aside from the ceremony (you know, the most important part).

Wedding reception wise we've decided not to go with a traditional wedding day schedule so there's no wedding breakfast and no evening reception in the traditional sense. Neither of us wanted a formal sit down meal, it doesn't fit with what we want out of our wedding and felt too stuffy and traditional for us. We also didn't want a big evening piss up, we are doing this wedding on a budget and to be real we didn't want to pay for family we haven't seen in god knows how long to get drunk. That may sound harsh but honestly being true to us and real about these things is honestly what's made us actually enjoyed wedding planning. What we did want though was a relaxing environment where people could mingle with some food and have fun. This is the key, we really want people to feel relaxed and have fun (us included!) so we're heading to a function room at the local leisure centre straight after the ceremony and photos. As this post is probably going to be a big one I think I'm going to cover the topic of do you need an evening reception in a separate post. I think I might also do a separate post that goes into more detail about what we're planning to do after the ceremony to give people some ideas and to document our plans as it'll be fun to compare then to what actually happens!

So bigger things covered and this post is getting a little long so I'll try and wrap up soon but other bits of planning we've also done are:

  • booked the photographer - a local photographer had a really good deal on that we couldn't say no to. We looked at lots of examples of their work and read lots of reviews and we were super pleased with everything we saw. We wanted photos but wedding photography can very easily go up into the thousands which is what we wanted to avoid as again it went against everything we're trying to do so I couldn't believe it when we got such a great deal!
  • booked a wedding car - I was really unsure about the whole wedding car thing. At first it seemed like an unnesscary expense but the more I thought about it the more I thought it might be a nice thing for my Dad and I on the way to the wedding then a nice little quiet moment for Josh and I after the ceremony on the way to the reception. I'm going to do a whole separate post on our car.
  • bought my shoes - I found a pair of gorgeous rose gold shoes that ticked every box so my mum kindly bought them for me.
So that's where we currently are, if you'd said to me 3 months ago that this is where I'd be with wedding planning and that I'd be loving it, I'd have laughed because I was so stressed by it and hating the thought of it. So much has changed though and I'm so glad we completely changed our outlook on everything. I'm ready to tackle the next 15 months leading up to our wedding and I can't wait for the adventure!

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