My (current) top 10 Funko Pops

Josh and I have been Funko Pop collectors for around 4 years now. We just can't resist our favourite characters in mini, big-eyed form and we now own 115 of them! We're not big time collectors by any stretch of the imagination as we don't go for rare or expensive Pops, we just stick to what we like which means most of our collection is fairly easy to buy and not worth a lot but that doesn't matter to us as we only collect for fun.

As our collection is forever expanding (even though we are starting to run out of room) my favourites constantly change, aside from a couple that will always remain in my top 10. With that in mind I thought it would be fun to share my current top 10 Funko Pops (in no particular order, other than left-right in the photo). Josh and I both did separate videos on this too so I'll pop mine at the bottom of this post but if you'd like to see what Josh chose from our collection then go ahead and give his video a watch!

Vulptex (Crystal Fox)

This little cutie makes a minor appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and I absolutely loved them, I was gutted when Disney didn't release any merch for them even though they did for other minor creatures in the movie. When Funko announced the crystal critters would be made into Pops I jumped for joy and I knew I'd have to have it in my collection.

Te Ka

I have both Te Ka and Te Fiti from Moana and they're both incredibly detailed Pops but Te Ka just slightly wins for me with all that brilliant lava detailing!

Ezra In Buggy (Disney Parks Exclusive)

The Haunted Mansion is our favourite ride at Disney World, we've even started a Haunted Mansion shelf and are slowly building up a collection of really good bits. When I opened this on Christmas Day last year I was so surprised, this is a Pop I never thought I'd own as park exclusive's are hard to come by in the U.K for a good price so I'm really happy Josh got me this!

Luna Lovegood

Luna is one of my favourite Harry Potter characters and when they released the lion hat version of her I knew I needed it, again it's a really detailed Pop that looks really good.

Chewbacca with googles - Flocked (Boxlunch exclusive)

We were lucky enough to find the exclusive flocked version of this Pop in The Entertainer and picked him up straight away, we have a bit of a Chewbacca collection going on and the flocked version of this Pop looks really good.

Superhero Stitch (Pop In A Box exclusive)

Stitch is one of my favourite Disney characters so when PIAB announced this exclusive I snatched him straight up because the scene with Stitch wearing the bikini top is so funny and this Pop captured it so well.

Marie - Flocked (Hot Topic exclusive)

I've loved The Aristocats from being little so I was so excited when Marie was announced, she was a little difficult to get and I ended up ordering her from Pop Cultcha which is based in Australia but she was worth it! I have recently seen some people say they've spotted this Pop in the Disney store though.


I don't know what I like so much about this Pop but it's always been one of my favourites, I think the colours are really bold and it's a character that works really well as a Pop!


I've been desperate for a Bullseye Pop for a long time, he's my favourite Toy Story character so when lots of new Toy Story Pops were announced and Bullseye was amongst them I was really happy. He looks great in Pop form and I'm super happy they made him sat down with his hooves spelling out 'Andy'.

Baby Pegasus 

This is one of the smallest Funko Pop's we own and it's quite easily one of the cutest. I'd forgotten how great Hercules was and how much I loved Pegasus then we re-watched the film last year and Josh bought me baby Pegasus as a little present.

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