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This post is in collaboration with Viking Tapes.
Home renovations and repairs are costly, there’s no doubt about that but when the itch to do some home renovations takes over it’s pretty hard to ignore. Trust me; there are projects in our home that I think about daily! But like with most things, money plays a big part, but what if I told you there’s an easy and effective way to carry out repairs around your home without splashing the cash? You’d want in on that right? Enter Viking Tapes! There’s a tape for just about any repair job around your home that’ll fix all those projects you’ve been meaning to take on without breaking the bank.

To get an idea of some of the big repairs you could carry out; let’s take a look at some of the problems Viking Tapes can fix. 


Sometimes you require a high quality, durable tape to help make a building airtight and ensuring that you don’t lose any heat. This process is known as seaming and is often used to cover the join – or seam – between insulation panels. This is and cheap and effective way of excluding any drafts or air leaks all while keeping your home warm when it needs it the most. Because no one likes big energy bills! 


Water is renowned for getting everywhere. When the weather turns wet water always seems to be able to find a way to get in, and whether there is a little or a lot it can still be very damaging and costly to rectify. A little damp can potentially cost a lot to remove! Luckily Viking Tape has a way to weatherproof your home through a process called flashing. They have bonding products that can help you seal up any gaps and areas that have the potential of letting water in. 

3M Duel Lock 

Sounds good, right? Well I’ve not even mentioned the 3M Duel Lock tape! This specially designed product has an adhesive backing and can provide an invisible yet supremely strong bond to any surface. Who needs screws, nails or staples? (This is excellent if you’re renting or just not that handy with tools!) 

So when it comes to seaming, flashing and a whole host of other handy applications, Viking Tape has the perfect product for you. Whether it’s double sided tape, indoor foam tape or ATG (Advanced tape glider) tape, Viking Tapes range of products are tried, tested and guaranteed to do the job. 

The e-book (above) shows off their range of tapes as well as explaining how and why their products are the ideal choice for you and your home making the whole process even easier! 

So don’t put off your home renovation plans because you’re worrying about the costs! Viking Tapes’ range of high quality products can help you make those dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

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