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Whether you’re renting an apartment with a balcony, or you own a buy to let apartment that features a balcony, making the most of this outdoor space is crucial. There are so many fantastic styles and trends when it comes to balcony decor that it can be tricky knowing which way to go. To help you get a better sense of the best style for you, here are some ideas for ways to give your balcony a beautiful update.

Create a boho paradise 

Your balcony is the perfect place to chill out and unwind after a long day, which is why embracing all things bohemian can be a good option. With this, you’ll focus on using a mixture of colours and patterns, using materials like rattan and jute, and adding some greenery for a tranquil feel. 

If you have the space and means to do so, consider hanging a hammock to really reflect this boho feel — just make sure it’s fully secure and completely safe! If you don’t think this would work, bean bag chairs or large cushions make a laid-back furniture choice and don’t cost as much as outdoor sofa’s or chairs. 

Go romantic 

Think Romeo and Juliet with this balcony trend — perfect for those who love the rustic and romantic look instead of more modern styles. This style works better if you have a balcony made from stone or brick, but it can still look great whatever your balcony type. For this, use furniture and accessories with an old and antique feel, and decorate the space with as many flowers as you can find. If possible, it’s also a good idea to start growing some ivy and greenery on the wall as this will add to this poetic and idyllic quality. 

Choose Parisian chic 

Parisian balconies are surrounded by so many views of stunning architecture and surrounding streets, that they’re able to keep the actual balcony simple. This means that this balcony style is the easiest to achieve if you’re short of space or money. To create this look, get a simple small dining set, add some flowers wherever you can, and enjoy sitting out with a tasty cup of coffee and a pastry! To recreate the beautiful Parisian style ornate fencing, you could add some vinyl flooring in this pattern which will really bring the theme of the balcony together. 

Make it ultra modern 

If you own or rent a new-build property in an urban city-centre location, the chances are that your balcony will have a distinctly modern feel. Properties from property investment company RW Invest feature balconies in this style and have plenty of potential when it comes to decorating the space. 

Ways to achieve this modern feel include choosing sleek and streamlined furniture pieces made from materials like glass and metal. You should also focus on using a minimal colour scheme and adding accessories like an outdoor rug in a bold geometric pattern or plant pots with a monochromatic finish. 

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