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Now I'm over my fear of wedding planning, I thought we should kick the wedding content off properly. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head but I thought I'd start off nice and simple with some inspiration I've found on Pinterest for my own wedding. I actually deleted a large percentage of my Pinterest wedding board not that long back which I'll be talking about in a separate post. I've now started filling it back up though with elements I'd love at my own wedding that still fit into the relaxed and casual feel we're going for as well as things I or Josh could DIY to keep within our small budget.

I'm sure they'll be more of these posts in the future if they're well received and as I find more ideas. But here are some thing's currently catching my eye.

1. I think I'm pretty much settled on having a short wedding dress. I've seen an absolutely beautiful one that I keep coming back to and that I'm desperate to try on.
2. We've decided on a Disney Up theme for the wedding reception, we wanted something that would acknowledge our love of Disney without crossing the very fine line into tackiness.
3. We're also going for dusky blush pinks, rose golds and grey as our colour scheme and I'm currently toying with the idea of making my own bouquets and buttonholes so they'll be exactly how I want them.
4. I love the idea of stickers on the bottom of my shoes, even though no one will see them, I'll know they're there!
5. I'd also like some kind of personalised hanger for my wedding dress, but again this will probably be a DIY job. Don't worry, any DIY projects for the wedding will be featured on here and I'm sure they'll make it onto our YouTube channel too.
6. I'd really like a lot of little personal touches to the wedding, of course if we're making a lot of things ourselves then they'll be very personal to us but I love the idea of little simple gifts too. These father of the bride socks are definitely something I'll be looking into as my Dad and I always used to go on lots of walks and I think it's a lovely touch.

I'm so excited about the wedding and to be sharing the journey on here. I can't wait to share more wedding content on here in the future!

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