Happy List: March 2019

Wow, what a month! March turned out to be pretty amazing which is great as 2019 is shaping up to be really good so far.

1. We got some chicks at work, only for a couple of weeks but it was amazing to watch them hatch and grow. They were so cute and fluffy and they definitely brightened my days up!

2. Josh turned 30 this month and although he didn't want a big fuss, we still had a lovely weekend filled with fun, lots of food and an amazing birthday cake.

3. After confronting my fears about wedding planning we've decided to just do exactly what we want and that's a relaxed, fuss-free day. We've actually set a date which is super exciting and made some really good progress with planning. There will be a wedding update coming shortly and every now and then a wedding themed post will be appearing on here as I have a couple of good ideas I'd like to share.

4. My first ever fantasy Disney pin arrived this month (bottom left picture) and I absolutely love it. I always said I wouldn't buy fantasy pins but I had to break my rule for this because it's a cat and Monsters Inc and it's the best thing ever! For anyone interested the pin is from Magical Thunder Press.

5. We got some lovely weather again at the end of the month which meant more lovely walks around some of my favourite parts of our village and spending some quality time with Josh after work. Going on a sunny walk after work is easily one of my favourite things to do.

Bring on April, where hopefully there'll be more lovely weather and lots of Easter eggs!

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