Happy List: April 2019

How am I writing April's Happy List already? It's May tomorrow and that's just crazy because Christmas only feels like it was a few days ago! April was another good month and I feel like this spring/summer is going to be amazing, we have a few little mini adventures and days out planned and I can't wait. May should be a really great month as we have some good plans so I'm super excited. 2019 you are being pretty great so far!

1. We've been making an effort to walk more this month, mainly because we're both stuck inside most of the day working and not really moving around much. Also I'd like to lose a bit of weight before I go wedding dress shopping in the summer. Walking really went out of the window towards the end of the month but we're getting back on it in May because we have some lovely places around us and being out in nature really does make me feel happy!

2. Speaking of weddings, I got my wedding shoes this month! Yes there's 15 months until we get married but I feel in love with them and they were such a bargain at £19.99. I didn't want anything with a big heel because I'd probably go arse over tit on my wedding day plus my family (me included of course) are very short, I didn't want to be towering over them in the wedding photos! My mum very kindly got me the shoes, so much love to my mum. 

3. Yep we're are going to discuss that wonderful Easter weekend weather, wasn't it amazing? I loved having 4 days of sunshine, warmth, ice lollies and spending all day reading. Sadly the lovely weather disappeared again and it was cold and miserable again but I'm hoping May throws some of the sweet sunshine our way again.

4. Thanks in part to those four glorious day in the sun I read a total of 7 books this month, the most I I've ever read in a month. I set myself a challenge again on Goodreads to read 20 books this year and I'm now on 18 books so I think it's time to up the challenge!

5. I've felt really happy with my content this month, blogging is just a hobby for me and sometimes it's hard to fit it in but that doesn't mean I don't want to create great content that gets noticed. I'm particularly proud of my post about why we aren't having a traditional wedding and my 7 cheap and filling meal ideas for less than £1 a portion.

6. The month ended with a couple of school trips for me (for anyone who doesn't know I work in a school) they are super exhausting and challenging but both trips were animal focused which made me super happy and they turned out to be lovely trips.

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