Why wedding planning terrifies me

Why I don't want to plan my wedding
I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I’ve had elements of my wedding planned out for years, way before being engaged was even on the horizon. I’ve had a wedding board on Pinterest pretty much ever since I’ve had an account on there and for a good few years now I’ve known that I’d like a small, simple, relaxed and non-traditional wedding. I’ve lusted over images of beautiful wedding dresses, created a whole scenario based on a beautiful location, thought about the first dance, bridesmaids and flowers. And then I got engaged and suddenly wedding planning became a reality. It was no longer a dream swirling around in my mind free, simple and easy. It was a reality and it terrifies me.

On the evening of our engagement we decided where we’d like to get married and beyond that wedding planning hasn’t really progressed any further for the simple fact that looking at beautiful wedding images is easy, planning a beautiful wedding is not. There’s so much to think about that I’m truly finding the whole thing very daunting. I don’t want to have to think about invites, decorations, transport, outfits for the grooms party, bridesmaid dresses and colour schemes. I just want to get married. I’m scared that the most wonderful day of my life will be overshadowed by stress, I am not a chilled out person out all and I have this internal battle going on about how to have the simple relaxed day that I crave without the stress because it would seem it’s impossible. I feel like the simple, relaxed wedding aesthetic is just an illusion, like those women who nail the no makeup, makeup look, they look glowing and fresh and effortless but in reality it took ages to achieve and a whole arsenal of products. The exact opposite of effortless.

Don’t even get me started on the cost of a wedding either. Stick the ‘w’ word in front of anything and you’re looking at thousands of pounds which is really not what I want to be spending on one day. I’ve always been of the mind set that I don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a day. I’m marrying Josh because I love him, not to splash the cash. I’d much rather have a really nice honeymoon which is why we’re going to be doing a lot of stuff ourselves (yeah you see that bit where I said I wanted it to be stress free, I am well aware that taking on so many projects ourselves probably won’t be stress free...)

In all I just don’t really know where to start and it’s all so overwhelming. I’d love to know if anyone else felt like this about planning their wedding, because I’ll be honest elopement is looking pretty appealing right now!

All joking aside, I am hoping to take some tentative steps into planning pretty soon once I’ve armed myself with notebooks and pretty coloured pens so there’ll definitely be some more wedding content coming on here.

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