Emily Makes Boutique New Releases

Emily Makes Boutique have just released four new amazing fragrances that brand reps trialed before release and I can safely say this was the best brand rep package I've received to date and now all the scents have been made into shot pots I thought I'd share the new releases with you because I know people are going to love these as much as I (and the other brand reps) did. If you'd like to make an order on EMB then you can use my code 'laureny.c' in the notes to seller to receive a freebie with your order!

Disclosure - I am a brand rep for Emily Makes Boutique and receive a monthly parcel containing samples for me to review on my Instagram, I receive no payment for the reviews and I am not asked not writes blog posts. Given that I've featured the brand before with products I bought with my own money, I figured some of you might be interested in hearing about the new collection. All samples featured in this post were sent to me as part of the brand rep deal.

Hubba Bubble

Dark, sweet cassis & blackberry mix with creamy vanilla pods & sticky sugar to make a scent similar to the popular bubblegum rolls we loved as kids.
Slightly fruity and sweet, this filled my house with an amazing scent that instantly reminded me of being a kid. I've mentioned before that fruity scents aren't my thing but I loved this one and the vanilla and sugar really balanced it out. I should also say I really don't like vanilla scents but this just provides a sweet smell, no vanilla in sight in the traditional sense so that was a huge plus for me. This is definitely going to be a popular scent. Order here.

Pear Drops

Packed with elevating fresh & sweet base notes. An up lifting fragrance which smells good enough to taste, inspired by the popular sweets we all love.
I felt like my house turned into a traditional sweet shop when I melted this, everything from the colours to the scent were spot on to pear drops. Again this was a sweet fragrance that balanced out the fruitiness that I usually don't like making this a winner for me. Order here.

Cafe Latte

 A comforting, rich, edible smelling fragrance composed of dark coffee beans sweetened slightly by a touch of vanilla & milk.
This was the scent I was most excited for as I love the smell of coffee. I put this in my kitchen and it was the perfect place for it. This lasted sooo long, the wax melt that kept on giving! I found burning it for a short period worked best as it's quite a strong scent that lingers long after it's stopped melting. I absolutely loved this one and I'm definitely going to be ordering the shot pot of this. Order here.


A fresh, clean & uplifting scent, similar to a popular soap bar.
This was my absolute favourite scent from the new releases. Clean and powdery, it's exactly the sort of scent I love. My mum came over when I was melting this and commented on how good it smelt. This is perfect for any room, especially after a cleaning session! I'm going to be stocking up on this scent because it's so good. I want my house to smell like this all the time! Order here.

All of the scents are amazing, I highly recommend giving them a go. Josh doesn't ever really comment on anything I'm melting (apart from Snow Pixie because he loves that scent just as much as me) but even he loved all of these ones, especially Hubba Bubble and Dove so believe me, that is high praise!

Let me know if you like the sound of any of these scents and don't forget, if you make an order pop my code 'laureny.c' in the notes to seller at checkout and you'll receive a freebie with your order.

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