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When you think of American beauty styles, the word perfection immediately jumps to mind. Indeed, contrary to the more relaxed approach of our French neighbours – who love nothing more than going au naturel and minimising their efforts –, American gals can go a little OTT when it comes to their beauty habits. However, there’s nothing wrong with aiming for the top, as long as you give yourself the means to get there. If you’re in the process of giving your bathroom cabinet a spring cleaning in preparation for your summer look, now’s the best time to learn some tips from our US cousins. One thing is for sure; it is going to transform your summer preparations for good!

Glamorous pearly whites

There is such a thing as an American smile that exposes a series of perfectly polished, white teeth. In comparison, the British smile can make a disastrous impression. Our love for black tea has turned our teeth several shades away from white. The British smile tends to be described as beige by our European neighbours… Ew! Additionally, our often unhealthy diet – did you know that most people consume 3 times as much sugar than the recommended amount? – causes tooth decay and gum diseases. Unfortunately, you can’t turn your beige fangs into pearly whites with a dentist appointment. Long-term dedication and care can help to address the issue. But for this summer, you can choose to hide your problem areas with a veneer add-on – check Instasmile to find out more. One word of warning though: a veneer smile doesn’t heal your gums or teeth, so you can’t give up on mouth care. 

The art of contouring like Kim

Makeup has always been prominent in the UK, but since the likes of Kim Kardashian and other reality TV celebrities, the popularity of contouring has exploded! Indeed, you can dramatically change your look by using dark and light makeup to create sharp or soft highlights and contours on your face. In an instant, your nose appears thinner, your chin is smoothed out, and your cheekbones are the centre of the attention. 

They first introduced the Spandex

Many girls are still shy about using shapewear lingerie. Many are worried that it might age their silhouette. In truth, shapewear makes your summer silhouette! You can use them to flatten your stomach or merely hide your problem areas under a tight dress. So, if fitness has been on your new year’s resolutions list this year, you can safely say goodbye love handles, even if you haven’t stuck to your gym schedule! 

Everything is bigger, including the entertainment

The last, and too often misunderstood beauty hack that you need to steal from our American friends, is the idea that once in a while you need some XXL entertainment. Indeed, the US has a variety of parks such as the Hollywood Studios in Florida for instance, that inject a little magic into your life. Having a good night is not just Instagram-worthy; it also makes you happy. You glow from within, and that is real beauty! 

So, the lesson for today is to learn to cheat in your beauty routine this summer. 

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