My 5 most viewed and my favourite posts of 2018

I've seen a few posts like this around where people compare their most viewed posts to their favourite posts to write in a certain time frame. I've decided to go for the whole of 2018, one because I think it's interesting to see what posts got the most views compared to ones I enjoyed writing the most as it's great to have a balance of content that gets good views and content that I love writing.

My 5 most viewed posts

I've started the list with the post that got the least views of the 5 most popular posts. I'll be honest this list has come as a bit of a surprise to me. I know a couple of the posts in this list got shared quite a bit by other people which is why they did so well but I don't really have an explanation for why the others did so well. The post in the number 1 spot is definitely a shock!

I posted this quite early on in the year when I bought loads of new clothes for our Florida hoiday. I guess Primark hauls are pretty popular which is why this post did so good.

This was a look at the fiction books in my Harry Potter collection. I had to split my collection across two posts as I have so many books. As you can see from this list, the first part of this post did extremely well which explains why the second part did well too. I never expected these posts to be so popular though!

This post got shared and viewed quite a lot by the Paul McCartney fan base plus it was a very exclusive gig which is why this post ended up being so popular.

Again this is another post that was shared quite a bit. The author featured my review quite a bit on her Instagram so views for this post just shot up. This is easily my best performing book review of all time.

Well this did come as a surprise to me. I've no idea why this post ended up being so popular, it did gain a bit of interest on Pinterest which definitely helped but I've had pins that have performed better than this one and still don't have the number of views that this post has.

My 5 favourite posts to write

This was a hard list to write because I'll be honest there was way more than 5 posts I could have picked but I've managed to narrow it down. Again I've tried to do it from least favourite to most favourite but that's pretty difficult when they're the 5 posts you love the most!

I always love writing money saving posts, they're something I've done for a long time and sharing the basics of how we save money was a really good post to write, if my money saving posts help or inspire just one person then I'm happy!

This was a topic that played on my mind as the festive season started creeping in. There's a lot of pressure to do what's deemed as right and normal especially at Christmas but should you conform at the expense of your own happiness? Definitely not. This is one of my favourite posts I've ever wrote.

Pets and mental health. Two topics I could talk about forever, so I combined the two! I'm a great believer in the power of animals for mental health and I know from my own experiences that they've done wonders for me. I really hope that people find this post helpful.

This was a topic I was super passionate about when the news broke that Disney was replacing some PhotoPass photographers with machines. I think my passion and feelings come across really well in this post and I really enjoyed writing it.

I've picked this for the number 1 spot because it's a post I never ever thought I'd write. When I wrote it I was still very much in the engagement bubble and I hope I've managed to capture my feelings and the memories for a long time to come. Also I really like the engagement photos we took for this post.

So there we have it, my 5 most popular posts of 2018 and the 5 I enjoyed writing the most. I think this was really interesting to write. I'd definitely like to do some more Harry Potter posts as there's so much of my book collection I could talk about. I'd really like to write more about topics such as pets, mental health and happiness too so we'll see what happens in 2019!

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