Happy List: February 2019

Another month where I don't really have any photos (apart from of the cats), in all fairness, February was a quiet month which is why I don't really have any pictures, or much to talk about. I'm not complaining though, everything plodded along nicely and I'm still taking this as a sign of a good year ahead.

1. As you may or may not know I'm a brand rep for Emily Makes Boutique, a lovely home fragrance store. This month's brand rep package was absolutely amazing, my favourite one yet! They were all new fragrances that haven't yet been released (but will be coming soon) and they were incredible. I might do a whole separate post on them because they're that good!

2. Valentine's Day was a quiet affair in our house, neither of us have ever been big on doing much and seen as it was during the week we opted for some of our favourite food, lots of chocolate and a couple of drinks and I came home after work to a lovely bunch of flowers and some mini eggs. Perfect.

3. Of course I couldn't write a Happy List without mentioning the amazing weather we've had this month. I throughly enjoyed the sunshine and going out for a walk (without a jacket) after work to make the most of it. Of course it's dropped cool again now but it was nice while it lasted and I'm so in the mood for spring and summer now.

4. The lovely weather definitely got me in the mood for spring cleaning. I had a week off work in the middle of the month so I went out and bought a bunch of new cleaning products and blitzed the entire house and do you know what? I actually really enjoyed it!

I think that just about rounds this month off, told you it had been a quiet one! Don't forget you can still subscribe to my monthly newsletter, it would be great to have you around!

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