The top 10 books of 2018

The best books of 2018
2018 was an excellent year for reading. Even though I dropped behind with book reviews over here, I've decided to share my top 10 books of 2018 because I read some really great novels. I'm planning to be much more on the ball with reviews this year so you should be seeing a lot more of them from me!

Each year I set myself a Goodreads challenge. I started off low in 2018, after not such a great reading year the year before. After a slump at the start of the year, I soon found my passion for reading again and began flying through books, meaning every time I nearly reached my new reading goal I'd up it. By the end of the year I'd read 32 books which is pretty impressive for me. I don't think I've ever read anywhere near that amount of books in a year. I'll be honest, it really helped that we had such great weather in the summer because I love nothing more than sitting outside in the warmth with a good book and the abundance of sunshine that we had in the summer meant I spend a lot of time doing that! I've set another challenge for this year, I've started off on 20 books and you can follow along on my Goodreads profile if you'd like as well as with the little widget at the bottom of my sidebar. You can also keep track of all my book reviews past and present with my book index

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