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Safeguarding your property is absolutely essential if you want to protect both your investment and your belongings. Burglars strike every 21 seconds, but there are other things that can happen to put your home and belongings in jeopardy. You need to make sure you’re protecting your property in the most effective way to avoid having your items stolen, damaged, or experiencing some other incident. Below we’ll take a look at 9 simple steps you can use to safeguard your property:

Make Sure Your Doors Are Secured 
One of the most simple thing you can do is make sure your doors are secured. Unbelievably, 34% of burglars just walk in to a home, either because the door is unlocked or because it’s weak and they can easily force it open. Frames and hinges must be strong, and you should ensure they won’t be able to reach in and just unlock the door - usually, they can reach in through the letterbox and grab your key. Install a deadbolt and make sure you use it. You can also consider upgrading to smart locks. 

Keep Your Windows Locked
The window is another of the most common entry points for burglars. Manufacturer latches aren't always effective, so you may want to install window or glass break sensors. You could also add window bars if you want to be extra vigilant. 

Make Sure Your Home Is Well Lit 
Lighting is also essential if you want to protect your home. Intruders don't like to be in the spotlight, so ensure the front and back yards and along pathways have substantial lighting. This will deter people from breaking in, as well as keep you safer when arriving or leaving home in the dark. Make sure your lighting is motion activated, and see if you can save energy with solar powered lights. 

Make Sure You’re Not Putting Your Home At Risk Yourself 
There are things you could be doing to put your home at risk yourself. For example, tanks for domestic heating oil should be 1.8m away from non-fire rated eaves of a building. You also want to make sure you don’t have any other fire hazards or things that could cause issues when you least expect it. Ensure there are no hiding places for intruders, and remove stools and ladders so you’re not just making it easy for them to get into your home. Leaving pricy things on display in the windows and in your garden is just inviting intruders to come and rob you by telling them they’ll find great stuff to rob and sell. 

Have A Quality Security System In Place
Having professional monitoring and home automation will give you peace of mind and ensure your home is secure at all times. There’s a system for every budget and level of protection, but consider the following factors to help you decide what to do:
Should you go for DIY installation vs. professional installation?
What is the customer service and brand reputation of the manufacturer like? 
Does it have smart home capabilities?
Are there any upfront and monthly costs to be aware of? 
Does it include extras like smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring? 
Answering the above will help you to ensure you’ve chosen the right system. 

Install Security Cameras
Security cameras can be part of a complete system, or you can choose to use cameras that work on their own depending on what it is you think you really need. Some cameras come with night vision and wi-fi capability, so that you can ensure your home is protected no matter what. You’ll be able to check your cameras remotely no matter the time of day. 

Get The Right Level Of Insurance Cover
If you don’t have the right level of insurance cover, you’ll be in for a shock if something does happen. Whether somebody breaks in, you have a flood, or even a fire, insurance cover can help you to ensure damages are covered and that your belongings are paid for (not that you’ll be able to use a pay out to replace sentimental items, which is why protection is important in the first place). Make sure you read the small print and that you cover specific items that are worth quite a bit so you don’t end up having a nasty surprise if you do get robbed. 

Get A Safe
If you have some specific valuables you really want to protect, such as expensive jewelry or even important documents, a safe can help you to make sure your valuables are protected. Getting a safe might seem silly if you’re not super wealthy, but it can really help to give you peace of mind. 

Figure Out What Most Intruders Look For
Make sure you do your research on what most intruders look for so that you can ensure you’re not inviting them to come and rob you. For instance, dust locks that indicate you don’t use a deadlock all that much can give them a hint that it’s weak and that breaking in will be easy. Items left around your home that can be used to break in is common, too. They might grab something from an open garage and use it to get in through a window or door, for example. Professional intruders rarely bring their own tools to break in and simply use what they find around the home. Even a calendar on the wall where the burglar can see when you’ll be away can mean you invite them to come back at a more convenient time. Make sure you’re smart and that you’re not giving anything away. 

Take the 9 simple steps above and you’ll be safeguarding your property in the long term. Not only will you protect your home and your belongings, you’ll give your family and yourself peace of mind. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, whether you’re at work, on vacation, or in bed! 

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