I'm starting a monthly newsletter!

So I'm starting a monthly newsletter! This is something I've wanted to do for a while now but I've always been a bit scared to take the plunge. Of course I had lots of doubts whizzing around my head, what if no one subscribes? Who'd want to read a newletter from me? So I've put it off for months now, but I've finally taken the plunge and I'd bloody love it if you could join me for a chat once a month!

How to subscribe to my monthly newsletter
Well this one is super easy, you see that form in my side bar right below my mugshot? The one that says 'subscribe to my newsletter'? (If you're viewing on mobile. simply select view web version at the bottom of my blog to be able to see my side bar) well pop your email in there and your first name, if you'd like to and hit that subscribe button. It's as easy as that!

When will you receive the newsletter and what will be in it?
I'll be sending out a newsletter once a month at the end of each month, it'll be really chatty and friendly and a bit more personal than some of my posts. I'll talk about everything from what book I'm currently reading, any shows I'm loving, any news and a little recap of some of my favourite posts from the month in case you missed them. It'll be a chance to see what's coming on Laureny Loves... over the upcoming new month and hopefully a chance to get to know me better. Unless I have any big news to share you'll only receive one email a month from me, I'll never spam your inbox so don't worry!

Why I've decided to create a newsletter
I want to get to know you lovely lot that read my blog a lot better, I want to spark conversations and talk about all the things I love (and that you love too). I've blogged for almost 8 years now and I've always just seen it as a hobby, recently though I've been working so hard on my blog and really trying to grow it into something more. As I enter this new stage I'd like to take some like minded friends along with me!

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