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The rustic look is a popular interior design trend at the minute. So many hipster bars and cafes have adopted it and more and more people are using it in their homes as well. The modern, minimalist look is starting to fall out of style because it doesn’t always give you the most homely feel and people want something a little more unique instead. If you’re thinking about decorating your home and you want to embrace the rustic style, here are some simple tips to help you along the way. 

Make Good Use Of Wood 
When you’re choosing materials for rustic home decor, wood is your best friend. Get rid of any brushed steel or plastic furniture and replace it with some nice wooden furniture instead. If you take up the carpets, you might uncover some beautiful wooden flooring. It might need a bit of attention but you can sand it down and stain it yourself. If you take the carpets up and the floors are in very poor condition, you can get some great laminate floors at and put that down instead. When you’re furnishing the house, you should always check out antique shops or second hand furniture places. You can find some great authentic pieces of furniture that will look great and it’ll be a lot cheaper than paying for brand new stuff as well. 

When you’re trying to create a modern, minimalist interior, you need brand new sleek looking furniture and materials. But rustic interior isn’t about looking shiny and new, which gives you a lot of opportunity to use recycled materials. It helps you to create a great rustic look and it saves you loads of money as well so it’s ideal if you’re trying to stick to a strict budget. Second hand furniture is one easy way to do that, but you could even consider making your own furniture out of reclaimed wood. There are plenty of great sites online with tutorials on how to build your own furniture from old pallet crates. You can build some great wall decorations like wooden signs or even a wood panel wall from reclaimed wood. 

Take Inspiration From Nature 
Rustic interior works best when you take inspiration from nature. Incorporating wood is a big part of that but there are other ways to do it. Plants are an absolute must in a rustic home so don’t hold back. The colours can get a little dull if you’re using lots of wood but some nice plants will brighten the place up a lot. If you display them in some upcycled containers like old watering cans or knick knacks from an antique shop, it really ties everything together. 

Use The Natural Features Of Your Home 
Often, a lot of the great rustic features that you want in your home are already there, you just have to highlight them. For example, if you’ve got wooden cabinets that are painted, why not just strip back that paint and uncover the natural wood underneath instead? Taking the paint and plaster off the walls to create exposed brick gives you a great natural look as well. 

The rustic look is a great option for the home because it’s always in style and it’s very cost effective.  

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