Happy List: December 2018

I actually don't know where to start with this Happy List. What a month December was! I always knew it was going to be good because it's easily my favourite month of the year and I had a lot to look forward to. I did not at all expect it to go in the absolutely amazing way it did though!

1. I kicked off the month with a festive day out with my Dad. We went to Castle Howard which had been themed to the 12 days of Christmas and it was absolutely beautiful.

2. We put up our Christmas decorations which is always my favourite thing to do but Buddy was completely fascinated with the tree this year. Instead of biting it and trying to climb in it like previous years he simply spent hours just looking at it, resulting in some very cute photo's. The one above on the top row actually made it into a pap your pets section of a local paper!

3. Josh and I got backstage passes for a Paul McCartney concert in Liverpool which we were absolutely thrilled about and the show was amazing! It's also where the best part of the year took place...

4. We got engaged! It was just perfect and a complete and utter surprise. I honestly wasn't expecting it at all! I won't bore you with the details as I've wrote a full engagement story post if you'd like to read all about it.

5. Josh and I celebrated our 11th anniversary just under a week after getting engaged. Because it's so close to Christmas we never do anything big for our anniversary. We just went out for a lovely meal as a joint engagement and anniversary celebration.

6. Christmas was the usual quiet affair. Josh and I always have Christmas dinner together, no other family and it's just the way we like it. We had such a lovely day that was super chilled out, helped by the fact that we'd actually prepared most of the dinner the day before!

7. I was super lucky to receive some amazing Christmas presents. Especially my Haunted Mansion themed box from Josh, I mean of course my engagement ring was my main present but he definitely did good on Christmas Day too. I've wrote a full 'What I got for Christmas' post if you'd like to take a look!

So that was the last Happy List for 2018 and what a list it was. I don't think anything will ever beat this month!

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