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Do you look at home interior’s on sites like Pinterest and swoon wishing that you lived in a place like them? There are actually some really simple ways you can create a more Pinterest worthy interior - and below, you’ll find 6 of them. Take a look and before you know it, your home might just be getting pinned to decor boards all over the globe. Enjoy! 

Choose A Theme
Start by choosing a theme, and this will give you more direction when it comes to putting pieces together and deciding where to take your interior. For example, a theme will help you to pick the right colors, accessories, and other decor elements that will pull the whole look together. Check out the following advice to help you:
  • Choose themes you really love so you don’t get bored in a few months (or even years).
  • Don’t be afraid to mix a couple of themes or eras depending on your tastes. 
  • Don’t try too hard to make your home match an era perfectly or it might look like a movie set rather than a place to live. 

Go Plant Crazy
Plants look amazing in any home interior, which is why you will see them in pretty much any pinterest post that you look at! They can clear the air, add beautiful greenery to a decor, and bring texture to a space. Add as many as you like, playing with different textures and sizes to create a look that is all your own. Hanging plants and wall plants work just as well as regular potted plants. 

Select Beautiful Furniture
Every Pinterest worthy place should have beautiful furniture. You have plenty of options, such as oak furniture. This type of furniture stands the test of time, and over time actually tends to get more beautiful and full of character. Make sure you pick pieces that you will love for years to come. They should suit your lifestyle too, so think about this if you have kids or pets. 

Create A Gallery Wall 
A gallery wall can be designed completely to your tastes, whether you want three uniformed pictures or 10 of completely different sizes and placements. Have fun with it! 

Utilize Storage/Shelving 
You’re going to need storage if you own a lot of stuff, and shelving can be a great option. It can allow you to show off pieces that you don’t want to shut away, without taking up valuable floor space. 

Keep It Balanced
Finally, make sure your interior is balanced. Make sure you look at elements such as smooth and texture, heavy and light, color and neutral, old and new, and so on. Having plenty of contrast while ensuring your interior remains balanced is a must. You could go for something perfectly symmetrical, or keep things a little off centre for fun. Make sure the whole room flows nicely, though, as you don’t want the eye to rest in one dominant area. 

How will you create your Pinterest worthy interior?

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