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Home. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? Home, for most of us, is where the heart is. Where family is. Where we feel safe and secure and loved. Where we eat and sleep. Where we let go. But actually creating that ‘home’ space isn’t all that easy. Sure, when you live in your family home and you’re wrapped up in your parents care, you’ll forever feel at home. You’ll always go back to that house and feel comfortable. But what happens when you go it alone? When you’re renting a place? Or when you buy your first place? Does it immediately feel like home to you? Or do you have to make it that way? Well, it can be a mix of both - depending on how you feel about the place you’re moving into. And here’s how.

Liking The Place
To start with, it’s very important for you to actually love where you live. And if you’re in a place now that isn’t to your likings, then aim higher. Don’t just settle, because it can affect your happiness. If you want to love your home, then you need to plan for it. Cut your bills as much as you can, and start saving. Know what kind of place to you want to move to or buy and aim for that. Because you deserve to actually like the place to begin with.

Basic Needs
From here, you’ve got your basic needs. So you really do need to make sure that it’s warm. That you have some light. That there’s storage. Somewhere to sleep. Somewhere to eat. When you’ve ticked that off, you can move on to the next.

And then it’s time to decorate. And not just put in your furniture kind of decorate, but really get creative. Because there’s nothing like designing a space for your personality to really feel at home in it.

Growth Potential
But then, you might also want to factor in the potential for growth - especially if you are buying the place. And yes, this can involve budget. So you might want to get an idea and start saving. Or consider debt consolidation loans with a guarantor if you know you need to. But essentially, you’re going to want to know that you have room to grow in the space someday, because otherwise you may not feel rooted, knowing that you’ll move on to somewhere else.

Homely Touches
And finally, there’s the idea of the homely touches you need to work with here too. And yes, this can sound like a cliche. But if you are only bringing in a bit of furniture and you’re leaving things at that, you may not feel at home. Your house should feel lived in. Loved. So even if you have to head to Ikea or B&M and pick up a couple of little bits and bobs for a good price, then this is what you should do. Because it’s those quirky candles, the artwork, the blankets - all of it, that can make you feel settled.

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