How to make sure you're prepared for Christmas

Getting prepared for Christmas
December is such a busy time of the year. There's presents to buy, food shopping to do, decorations to put up and on top of that we actually have to go to work. So how can you make sure you're really prepared for Christmas without feeling stressed out? With just under a week to go until Christmas Day, we've compiled a guide of the things you should start doing now to ensure you have a relaxing Christmas.

Wrapping presents

No one wants to be wrapping presents right up until the last minute. Ideally you should get this wrapped up (get it!) as soon as possible. Dedicate a bit of time over the next couple of nights to get all your presents wrapped. You may not feel like doing it, but be strict with yourself as it's one less thing to worry about in the lead up to the big day.

Cleaning the house

Have a big clean of the house around 2-3 days before Christmas Eve that way most of the big stuff will be done and you'll feel much happier and settled knowing the house is clean and tidy. If needs be you can then just have a quick whip around with the hoover and a wipe down of the kitchen surfaces just before Christmas. You'll thank yourself for getting all the big cleaning and tidying tasks out of the way in advance.

Food prep

There's actually quite a lot of Christmas food that can be made in advance. Most desserts keep really well so you can definitely make these 1-2 days in advance of Christmas Day. We always make our mash potatoes on Christmas Eve and keep them in the fridge. We also make cauliflower cheese on Christmas Eve then all we have to do the next day is sprinkle a bit of cheese on top and whack it in the oven to warm through. We make our own Yorkshire puddings so on Christmas Day morning we get them in the oven and cooking as soon as possible, before the turkey goes in. That way there's more room in your oven and it makes timings much easier. The key here is to prep as much of the food as you can before Christmas Day! To make sure you don't miss anything off your Christmas food shopping list check out our Useful guide to food shopping essentials for Christmas.

A relaxed Christmas Eve

If you get all the above things done you should allow yourself a super relaxed Christmas Eve to ensure you're all refreshed for the big day! Don't bother too much with cooking, either order a takeaway (which is what we like to do) or just throw some party nibbles together, have a few drinks and stick on a Christmas movie. 

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