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Christmas; it comes but once a year, and what a fantastic time it is! There are decorations to be put up, food to be eaten and presents to be enjoyed. So don’t let yourself get bogged down in some of the practicalities of making your festive season one of joy and bliss, here are some suggestions on how to make some of the more menial tasks around the holidays a little bit easier.

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There seems to be more and more to prepare for every year, but that doesn’t have to be a burden. With some small tweaks to your organisation, you’ll be ready for Christmas in no time at all. So, first of all make sure that you aren’t spending too much by setting yourself a budget for the season. We all like to splash the cash at this time of year, and there is nothing wrong with that, but we should also make sure that our money is going as far as it can. Keep an eye on discount websites for coupons and deals, check supermarket listings for the best prices and use comparison websites to save on presents and other bits. 

Next up, count up the people that you are going to have in the house. If you are having visitors this year, it can seem like a stressful situation, mostly because you have room for your family and now you need to fit others. One practical tip for you is to hire a storage unit over the festive period so that you can move contents out of your home temporarily without too much fuss. Companies like Magenta Storage should be able to offer you a secure location for the bits you need to shift but don’t want to lose.
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While cooking could fall under planning, it is such a major part of Christmas that we are going to discuss it separately. Top of the list is going to be preparing the turkey, and for that the number one priority should be getting it nice and early. We’re looking to be practical here and running around the shops on Christmas Eve looking for a turkey is not ideal. A second tip is to prepare the turkey the night before Christmas Day so that you are able to enjoy the morning fun rather than worrying about your bird in the kitchen. 

Cutting down on cooking time should be the name of the game come Christmas week, and one way of doing just that is preparing some of your vegetables the day before. In fact, you might want to consider Christmas Eve as the day to get most of your food preparation in so that all that is left is to cook it on the actual day. Parsnips and Brussel sprouts can be prepared in advance.

Christmas Day

This practical advice means nothing if you aren’t prepared for the most important thing of all - enjoying your day with the family. Make sure you are taking in the all treats and fun of Christmas and make it as merry as you can. After all, the hard work has already been done!

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