Our Christmas decorations 2018

Buying our Christmas tree and decorating it is absolutely one of my favourite things to do during the festive season. Sure I'm excited for Christmas before we decorate but as soon as the trees done I just can't contain myself! I thought I'd share this years beautiful tree with you and if you go to the end of this posts there's also a vlog from the day with a better look at some of our special baubles and some of the other bits and pieces we have out at Christmas.

We buy a real Christmas tree every year, usually the biggest one Josh can find. I had an artificial tree growing up but I'm definitely a real tree convert now, they're just beautiful! The day usually starts with bringing the tree into the house and trying to get it as straight as possible in the box we have, we then leave the branches to drop for a few hours before putting the tinsel and lights on whilst it's still daylight so we can better see where we're placing them. A soon as it gets dark we put on the Christmas songs, pour a festive drink and set to work decorating. There's something extra magical about waiting to do it when it's dark! As Josh and I have been together for 11 years we've managed to collect quite a few ornaments that are very special to us and even though this is the third Christmas living in our first home together, the novelty of filling the Christmas tree with all our special memories still hasn't worn off! 

We vlogged our decorations too and showed off some more of the ornaments that have a special meaning to us as well as showing you our other decorations that we put out.

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