Our Boxing Day

We pretty much all know how Christmas Day goes down, after all it'll be very similar for many of us. But what I'm intrigued by is how the day after the main event goes for people. Are there any Boxing Day traditions that you partake in every year? Mine has changed a lot from being a child to what I do now in my own home. Here is our Boxing Day.

Spending all day in pjs, looking over presents from the day before, eating chocolate all day, making up bubble and squeak from yesterday's leftovers, turkey sandwiches, TV and films, naps, trying not to be disappointed that Christmas Day is over, enjoying the fact there's still another whole week of eating what you want when you want and lazing around, more alcohol, more naps, trying to avoid online sales and inevitably caving in and buying something, beginning to think more about the new year, enjoying the happiness of the festive season.

I'd love to know what you get up to on Boxing Day. Do you like to go out or are you more like us and enjoy having a lazy day!

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