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Our homes should be our sanctuaries; they should be calm, cosy spaces where we can truly relax and retreat, especially at this time of year.

If you feel like your home is a bit colder and more clinical than you would like and you’re looking to change that, you will be happy to know that it is actually pretty simple to make your home cosier no matter what your budget or personal taste may be….

Give Your Bedding a Makeover
If you’re looking for a really affordable way to up the cosy ante in your home, you cannot go wrong with updating your bed sheets, We spend around one-third of our lives in bed sleeping and many of us will spend even more time there cuddling up, watching TV and reading, etc.. So, it makes sense to make your bed as warm and comfy as possible.

You can do this by investing in soft Egyptian cotton sheets, flannel sheets, down duvets, memory foam pillows and lots of warming throws that can be added or removed depending on how you feel and how snuggly you want to be.
Roll Out the Rugs
If you’re one of the millions of people who favour wooden or laminate floors, then at this time of year, it’s easy to make the place a whole lot cosier by simply rolling out a few rugs which will add warmth and texture to your floors.

Underfloor Heating
If you have a bit more money to spend, and you’re serious about your cosiness, you might want to think about installing underfloor heating which helps to regulate the temperature in your home much better than traditional systems, and which ensures that your feet are always toasty warm.

Wood is Warming
Another thing that can really up the cosiness factor if you have more money to spend is the inclusion of more wood in your space. Wood is naturally warming due to its hue and texture, so it will always give you a boost. The kitchen is one of the best places to warm up with wood and a good bespoke shaker kitchens designer can help you to use it to best effect, However, simply stacking some logs by the fire, investing in a natural wood coffee table or even adding a few wooden ornaments and accessories can work just as well.
Display Your Memories
Whether you hang your personal photos on the wall, create a memory board with gig tickets, programmes and other memento's or display souvenirs from your various trips, there are few things that will make your home more cosy than having you're very personal and important memories on display.

Candles create soft warm light that always makes the home seem warmer and more inviting, especially on cold winter evenings, Find scented ones that you love and use them liberally.

Creating a cosy atmosphere is much easier than you might think and any or all of the above ideas will certainly help you create a more inviting home.

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