How the New Year can affect your mental health

I’m sure I’m not the only one to ever experience this which is why I’m talking about it, but for some time I was dreading the end of the year. 2018 has been challenging for so many reasons but there have been some fantastic moments that I definitely want to relive as the year ends. But it's other people's new year round-ups that have been putting me off. Here me out on this one though.

For as long as I can remember I’ve shared photos and a few words on social media and my blog about all the highlights of the past year, just like millions of other people do. I’ve carefully selected lovely photos that highlight each great moment and spoke about all the wonderful things I’ve achieved that year and my plans for the new year. I’ll be honest, I’ll probably do the same this year because for all the crap that’s happened there have been some wonderful moments that I want to hold on to.

What’s never crossed my mind though until this year is how my posts might make others feel. How seeing posts about how wonderful someone’s business has done that year, how financially successful someone has been, how many holidays someone has had or the new home someone’s bought or the latest home renovations they’ve carried out might be a massive comparison trigger for someone going through a tough time. Now am I saying the new year round-up posts should stop? Of course I’m not. People are free to celebrate what they want and it’s great that people achieve such amazing things in a year. But for other people, just getting through the year is all they’ve done and I want people to know that’s more than enough.

I know for me this year I’m going to struggle with the new year posts. So much so that I’ll probably not be on social media all that much when I start to notice an abundance of these posts because as I've spoken about before in my 'Life Behind the Grid' post, comparison has been a huge thing for me this year and I just need to focus on my own happy moments from the past year. As I said, I’ll do my usual new year post on here and no doubt I’ll discuss the years good moments on Instagram and Facebook. I just want people to be aware of how these kinds of things can make others feel because it might be someone close to you that feels like that.

If your only achievement this year was surviving through shit times then that is more than enough of an achievement for a year.

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