December Plans 2018

Much like last year, I've decided to embark on a scaled back version of Blogmas. Unfortunately between working full time and vlogging everyday I just don't have the time to blog daily too but there will be a lot more posts on here than usual so I really hope you enjoy my version of Blogmas. As I've mentioned we already vlog daily so of course we are doing Vlogmas so it'd be great if you could join us over on Youtube for that! 

For me the festivities have already begun as last week I visited Leeds Christmas market which has become a yearly tradition that I very much enjoy. We still have lots of other festive things to look forwards to though, so here are our December 2018 plans.

1. My Dad and I are having a father daughter day tomorrow. I have no idea where we're going as my Dad has booked a surprise, I'm guessing it will be something suitably festive though. We did the same thing last year and my Dad surprised me with a visit to Chatsworth House which was absolutely stunning so I can't wait to see what this years surprise is!

2. Each year Josh and I like to head out to the shops and check out all the Christmas decorations and home pieces, we've usually done this well before December but we somehow managed to let it slip by this year, so next weekend we're squeezing in a trip to the shops to check out the cute decorations and maybe pick up a couple of items. I might even talk Josh in to a trip to McDonald's too because I cannot pass up on a Christmas McFlurry!

3. The same weekend as we head out to look at cute decorations, we'll be putting our tree up. This will be our third Christmas in our own home and the novelty of spending Christmas together still hasn't worn off. I'm also really happy that we've started vlogging this year as it means we'll be able to probably document all the festive fun, including decorating the tree.

4. Exactly a week before Christmas we will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary. This blows my mind! Last year, 10 years seemed such a big deal but now the number is getting even higher I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact we've been together for so long! I've no idea what we're doing for our anniversary as I've left Josh in charge of planning it. We never do anything big with it being so close to Christmas but it'll be nice to spend some time together whatever we end up doing. 

5. I've actually got 3 weeks off work this year which is just absolutely amazing! I finish work on the 14th December and I'm just so excited that I've only got 2 more weeks at work and that I get so long off, I'm feeling incredibly lucky! Last year I finished work very close to Christmas and I just didn't feel in a festive mood at all and I didn't really get much time to prep for Christmas so it'll be nice to feel much more relaxed this year. 

6. My mum and I take turns hosting over the festive period so a couple of days before Christmas she's coming to our house for a little get together with lots of party food and then the week between Christmas and New Year we'll be heading to hers for the same thing and staying over to allow everyone to enjoy a little festive tipple. 

7. As for Christmas itself, Josh and I like to keep it nice and relaxed. We keep the day mostly for ourselves which is something we decided on when we first moved in together. Christmas Eve will probably be spent seeing family then settling down together with a takeaway and Muppets Christmas Carol. 

So that's our December, I'm so excited as I just love the whole run up to Christmas. I can't wait to share all my Christmas content with you on here and I'm so excited that we'll be vlogging the whole thing every day too! 

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