Lush Christmas 2018

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Lush Christmas bath bombs will always be my favourite, they're just so pretty and smell so nice which is why I always end up treating myself to a couple of them each year as well as asking Santa to bring me some too!

There's a few new additions to the Christmas collection this year as well as some old favourites. The Lush Luxury Pud always ends up on my wish list but I just love it so much. I think my favourite new release is the Sleepy shower gel though. I received the Sleepy body lotion last Christmas and I just absolutely love it, the smell is amazing so I definitely need the shower gel too (really hoping Santa pulls through with this one!). I also really like the range of double bath bombs that Lush have released this year, there's three different ones in total but I've popped the Santa one on my wish list as the scent sounds lovely.

Here's hoping I've got a couple of these these lovely smelling treats under the tree this year!

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