Disney Collection #1

I'm starting this new series with the latest edition to our ever growing Disney collection because they were the catalyst really for deciding to share our collection. Say hello to our Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums!

The Haunted Mansion is easily our favourite ride at Walt Disney World and after our latest trip in August 2018 we decided we wanted to focus on building a Haunted Mansion collection as the merch for the attraction is absolutely amazing and the ride has such a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately for us, the Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums are extremely difficult to get hold of. They were originally released in the Disney parks back in 2016 then shortly after they made their way online to the Disney Store, but only in America. Now we first visited WDW in 2015 so they weren't even released then and of course on this years visit, the Tsums were long gone.

We'd pretty much accepted that we'd never have to Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums when I noticed someone was selling off their Disney collection on Depop and on a whim I decided to check out what they were selling and surprise surprise the Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsums were amongst the items being sold, and in the U.K too! There was no question about it, they were being sold for such a good price that we just knew it was meant to be and we snapped them straight up! When they arrived, we were both so please with them and they've made a great addition to what is currently our small Haunted Mansion collection, and hopefully one day it will grew into an amazing collection of items! 

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