Happy List: September 2018

Ooopps, so I completely forgot to do a Happy List for August but lets be fair, it would have been completed dominated by our Florida holiday and there's a ton of content coming up for that so you really haven't missed out! 

So previous Happy Lists for the most of this year have started with a not so happy introduction. September has been a strange month because life is still very up and down and we're trying to ride it out whilst battling terrible Disney blues. Whilst September has not been as bad as other months this year, there's still plenty that could be improved but overall it has been a quiet month due to settling back in to our normal routine after Florida.

1. Our Florida content has now started over on Youtube and there'll be a lot more Florida and Disney posts popping up on here too over the next fews months. Our Florida vlogs are something that we're so happy with and extremely proud off so it'd be great if you could show them some love and support.

2. Autumn has officially started and my heart is so happy. Autumn is easily my favourite season and I feel like I've been waiting ages for it to roll around. I wrote my traditional autumn post and included a few things I'm looking forwards to this season.

3. I bought the pink coat of dreams! I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen the pink Primark coat above lots of times but I just couldn't resist it. I'm actually in need of a practical winter coat, you know, something warm that keeps my dry. But I ended up going for a pink cord jacket instead. I guess I still need a practical coat then!

4. I enjoyed a super fun and relaxing day shopping and at the spa. It was just what I needed. I got to try Costa's new bonfire spiced hot chocolate which was so tasty, I bought myself a few little treats and chilled out at the spa.

5. I usually reserve talking about books for my full reviews on here but I finished The House Beneath the Oak Tree's at the end of the month and absolutely loved it! The perfect scary novel for those cooler, darker evenings. I'll be writing a full review shortly.

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