Florida 2018 Day 3: Epcot Part 2

Welcome to our Florida 2018 vlog series. This trip is the whole reason we started vlogging, so we're so excited to share this content with you. We absolutely love Disney and had the best trip ever so we hope you all enjoy the vlogs!

We've split our third day into two parts so here is part two of our day at Epcot (you can find part 1 here). This was our first time back at Epcot this holiday so the excitement was real! Epcot is easily our favourite Disney park, we just love everything about it. In this vlog we continue eating around the world and ride Spaceship Eath, Gran Fiesta Tour and Frozen Ever After. We also watch our favourite Disney night time show, Illuminations so this is a very special vlog to us as it's the last time we'll ever see Illuminations in full (we saw the show again later in the holiday but from Boardwalk). So come and join us for our evening at Epcot. 

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