Did we complete our Florida 2018 bucket list?

Disney World bucket list for couples
If you checked out this post and our bucket list video before we went to Florida in August then you'll know we made bucket list for the trip. There's so much to do in Orlando and Disney World that it was nice to create a list of experiences we wanted to tick off on this trip. We had 10 items on our bucket list, so how did we get on? 

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I said we had 10 items on our bucket list but there's only 9 pictures. That's right one item went incomplete, riding the Hulk rollercoaster and Islands of Adventure. Partly because the weather was never on our side in that park and partly because I chickened out...again. I refused to ride in 2015 and regretted in when we were home and I've done the same again this year. I'm determined to do it at some point!

The other 9 items though were all completed which makes me very happy as every single one of the items were brand new experiences for us and really became stand out memories of the holiday for us. There's still so much we want to do in Florida and Disney World that we'll definitely create another bucket list for our next trip with another round of items that'll help us create amazing memories. And who knows I might finally ride the Hulk rollercoaster then too! 

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