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As summer changes to autumn we will soon be replacing long sunny days in the garden to cosy evenings in by the fire. However before the weather becomes too cold it’s time to embark on the big end of summer clear up. It’s very easy to neglect the garden at this time of the year (I know we've been guilty of this), especially when late summer sunshine looks so amazing against the changing colour of leaves and autumn fruits, however a little care and attention now will pay huge dividends next spring when the weather starts to warm up again. Clearing the ground of debris and piles of leaves will allow mother nature to do her work by hard frosts breaking down exposed soil, ready for planting next year. Autumn is also a good time to check the condition of the exterior of your property so that you can make repairs as necessary before winter sets in. 

There’s so many jobs in the garden to complete before winter sets in so grab your “big coat” and head outside. For inspiration on what tasks need to be done head over to Garden World. Start by clearing away anything that is dead or over grown, this will give space to identify other issues. Clear leaves, but ensure you leave an area of your garden in an unkempt state for wildlife. If you are a vegetable or fruit grower you are likely to have a glut of produce at this time of the year. Preserve or give away excess to friends and family. Wildlife will also benefit from fruit such as apples being left in order to provide vital nutrition during winter. Autumn is also the time to plant spring bulbs, which will add a welcome splash of colour next year.

Winter brings high winds, icy conditions and snow. It’s a good idea to check the condition of outbuildings such as sheds, greenhouses and summerhouses to ensure they can withstand bad weather and remain watertight. Make any necessary repairs and ensure panels are fixed securely.

Roof tiles and chimney
It’s essential to have any damage to tiles and chimneys fixed prior to winter setting in, otherwise what seems to be a very small fault now, could evolve into a major leak! Take a good look and call in expert advice as required.

Guttering and drainage
The very nature of winter means that more precipitation will need to be collected by guttering and then drained away. If your gutters are blocked by leaves and debris this drainage will be hampered which can lead to damp issues. You will need to clear gutters again in spring and fix any damage which may occur over winter.

Make everything spic and span!
It’s amazing how a bit of polish and elbow grease can contribute to the overall look of your home. Wash down doors, including the frames and give windows a good scrub and polish. Porches and conservatories would benefit from a good clean before winter sets in, so that they can be become a more useable space in your home.

Once the clear up has been completed you can relax safe in the knowledge that everything is ship shape ready for the colder months!

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